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30 Day Raw Whole Food Challenge 2014

Posted on: Apr 12, 2014

Did you know, substituting 50% of your dog’s kibble with Raw Whole Food ingredients can (most likely, WILL) improve your dog’s digestion, relieve allergies, brighten & soften their coat, and improve overall health (i.e. lower vet bills)!

Your dog can experience ALL of these great benefits by being part of the 30 Day Raw Whole Food Challenge at Dee-O-Gee!

You'll get $20 OFF Stella & Chewy's Raw Frozen or Freeze-dried Dinners and you'll be registered to win FREE Stella & Chewy's for a year!

Keep reading for details ... will your dog take the challenge?!?

30 Day Raw Whole Food Challenge 2014


What you'll get: $10 OFF your 1st 6# bag of Stella & Chewy's Raw Frozen dinners on DAY 1 of the challenge (or, $5 OFF a 3# bag).  After you complete 30 days of feeding AT LEAST 50% of your dog's diet as Raw Whole Foods, you'll get $10 OFF your last bag of the 30 day challenge (or, $5 OFF a 3# bag).  

AND ... if you complete the 30 Day Challenge successfully (on your honor) you'll be entered to win FREE Stella & Chewy's for 1 year!

What you do: agree to feed your dog at least 50% of it's nutrition as Raw Whole Foods for 30 days.  Dee-O-Gee staff will help you figure out the exact feeding requirements for your dog.  

Start date: is flexible, but must be started sometime during April 2014

Freeze-dried 16oz bags can be subbed for 6# raw and 6oz Freeze-dried can be subbed for 3# or 4# raw.


Want more info? send an email to:


April 2014 Monthly Specials ... FREE STUFF!

Posted on: Apr 01, 2014

We have some really great deals for you this April!

~ Buy 2, Get 1 Free on ANY cans ... w/purchase of Kibble.  This is a great opportunity for you to try out some new canned foods for your pet!

~ Buy 1, Get 1 Free on ANY Primal frozen or freeze-dried. Limit of 10 total, per visit.

~ $8 off GO! Turkey 25# bags. Single protein source, grain free, no potatoes, great for allergy/sensitive dogs!

~ $10 off Pioneer or Great Life kibble.  This exciting new line is new at Dee-O-Gee and we are really excited about it! Big bags only.  1st Pioneer/Great Life bag only.  If your dog is in need "something new" to try, this would be a good time!

April 2014 Monthly Specials ... FREE STUFF!

Treat changes are a comin’

Posted on: Mar 27, 2014

Some of you may already be aware, Zuke’s (the makers of treats such as Minis, Z-Filets, and Z-Bones, Hip Action and others) recently announced that they were acquired by Nestlé Purina, the company behind brands such as Alpo, Friskies, Waggin’ Train, and Beneful. It is well known that Nestlé helms a lot of brands that contain less than great ingredients from less than reputable sources and locations. They were also one of the major brands involved in the 2007 recalls due to melamine contamination that resulted in numerous pets suffering or dying due to renal failure. Nestlé also routinely tests on animals and has a very seedy history linking them to child labor, violating human rights, and fraudulent labeling ... stay away, please!

The Zuke's announcement has lead to a lot of shock and feelings of betrayal throughout the independent pet community. As a company that prides itself on its core mission of pet health, Zuke’s seems to have made a major misstep in aligning itself with a company that doesn’t seem to hold that same belief. In their facebook announcement, Zuke’s stated that they will still “run as an independent company” based out of Durango, Colorado, the recipes “will remain the same, or be improved, but will never be compromised,” and that they will continue to sell their products to only “pet specialty, online and natural grocery retailers”. Many of these sentiments seem to echo those made by Natura Pet Products (Innova, Evo, California Natural, HealthWise, Mother Nature, and Karma Organic Dog Food) after they were acquired by Procter & Gamble (Iams and Eukanuba) in 2010. Unfortunately for Natura, there have been a rash of recalls on their products ever since they were bought and as of October, there’s been talk that Procter & Gamble is looking to sell Natura due to a drop in sales.

So, where does that leave Dee-O-Gee ... and, you, our loyal customer?  Read more ... 


Treat changes are a comin’

Due to Nestlé’s history of subpar products and actions, which conflict with our mission of providing the highest quality products for our customers’ pets, we have started the process of phasing out all of our Zuke’s products. We will continue to sell what we have in stock, but will no longer reorder Zuke's products. On the plus side, there are many great alternatives to the Zuke’s products we carried (and, we are actively adding more to replace Zuke's):

Mini Naturals: "My Little Lion" and "My Little Wolf" which have the added benefit of being grain-free.  Carnivore Crunch treats from Stella & Chewy's are also a great "training treat" option.  Off  Leash training treats were recently added and we are really excited about them!

Hip Action: Ark Naturals Joint Rescue (Lamb, Venison or Beef) 

Z-Bones: Natural Balance Dental Chews (lots of flavor and size options)

We are currently working on finding an alternative product for the Z-Filets and Lil Links. If you know of any products that would make a valid substitute, please drop us a comment on our facebook page. We are constantly on the look out for healthy, USA made treats to add to our assortment. And as always, we can still special order any of the Zuke’s products for those that are interested; just give us a call at 406-551-2364 and we can put you on our special order log.

Until next time, D-O-G faithful ... thanks for tracking with us!

Sources: Zuke’s Pet Performance’s Facebook Page, Pet Product News: “Nestlé Purina Buys Treat Manufacturer Zuke’s”, Wikipedia: “2007 Pet Food Recalls”, SourceWatch: “Nestlé”, Financial Times: “Pet Food Scare Hits P&G Sales Growth”.

Likes for Pounds at HOV ... win a $100 Gift Card to Dee-O-Gee!

Posted on: Mar 24, 2014

UPDATE (3/28/14) - Dee-O-Gee is "doubling down" on our commitment to donate pet food to HOV.  Now, for each new like by April 1st, we'll donate 2 LBS of natural pet food to the animals at the shelter ... like, share, etc ... help US help HOV, please!

For Immediate Release - 3/24/2014

Dee-O-Gee in Bozmean, MT is all set to donate a bunch of high-quality natural dog and cat food to Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter!

For every new "like" on Dee-O-Gee's Facebook page from today (3/24) through April 1st, Dee-O-Gee will donate 1 lb of dog or cat food ... simple, 1 "LIKE" = 1 LB of pet food!


1) Visit Dee-O-Gee's Facebook page

2) "Like" it

3) Tell your friends

AND ...

Each new "liker" of Dee-O-Gee on Facebook will be entered into a random drawing to win a $100 Dee-O-Gee Gift Card!

So ... tell your friends, share on your social media outlets, etc ... Help us (Dee-O-Gee) raise some dog food donations for HOV!  Time is limited!


Likes for Pounds at HOV ... win a $100 Gift Card to Dee-O-Gee!

Dee-O-Gee is hiring!

Posted on: Mar 19, 2014

Dee-O-Gee is hiring!  Thanks to our many loyal local customers, we are growing and need more staff to ensure we continue to offer the best customer service around! 

Position: retail front desk staff

Requirements: lover of pets, hard/diligent worker, attention to detail, great team player.  Previous customer service and inventory management experience highly encouraged.  Previous Veterinary Technician or animal handling experience also highly encouraged. 

Time commitment: Full time position available immediately, for the right person that "jives" with the rest of our great staff team.  Part-time positions are potentially available as well.

In addition working in a super fun, locally owned, small business environment and the strong potential to be part of the growth of Dee-O-Gee in the coming years, each Dee-O-Gee employee receives a standing discount on all products, paid time off annually and a company-matching retirement plan. 

Compensation is commensurate on experience.  Please send all resumes to

Dee-O-Gee is hiring!

Top vegetable additions for your dog’s kibble

Posted on: Mar 05, 2014

We know you already buy your dog really good dog food from Dee-O-Gee, right? wink

At Dee-O-Gee, we are aware of the short-falls of kibble and we are also award that it can be a challenge to add raw food (Stella & Chewy's or PRIMAL, for example) to your dog's kibble.  So, we've created a list of a few vegetables that you may already have in your fridge at home that you could easily add to our dog's kibble ... and, some reasons why you should.  Keep reading ... 

Top vegetable additions for your dog’s kibble


Carrots: contain beta carotene that nourishes the optic nerve and promotes visual health.

Broccoli: nutrient-rich and contains cancer fighting properties.  Also features sulforphane which boosts the immune system.

Celery: helps improve heart health and reduce cancer rates.

Green Beans: improves blood fat levels and protects against liver damage.  Also contains heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. High in fiber.

Spinach: helps reduce inflammation and ward off cardiovascular problems.  Cancer preventative.

Pumpkin: improves intestinal health, especially for “digestion dogs”. High fiber content helps absorb water and alleviates diarrhea.

Or, you could get ALL of these things in your pet's diet in an easy step.  What is that?  Ask us about the ease and benefits of adding some raw food to your pet's diet the next time you are in at Dee-O-Gee (either location).  


March 2014 Monthly Specials at Dee-O-Gee

Posted on: Mar 03, 2014

Monthtly specials at Dee-O-Gee (both locations) for March 2014!!!

~ $8 OFF GO! Chicken Big Bags

~$6 OFF Taste of the Wild Big Bags

~ 15% OFF Dog Beds from West Paw Design (Cotton Bumper Beds only)

~ Buy 1, Get 1 at 50% OFF on Super Snouts Joint Support formula

*Not to be combined with other offers or coupons

March 2014 Monthly Specials at Dee-O-Gee

Winter Crazy Days at Dee-O-Gee 2014

Posted on: Feb 26, 2014

Winter Crazy Days is almost upon us!  It's one of our favorite times in Downtown Bozeman and now (with our Downtown location) Dee-O-Gee gets to be a part of it!  

We have some great deals to offer you, our loyal locals, as part of Winter Crazy Days in Downtown Bozeman, including ...

Winter Crazy Days at Dee-O-Gee 2014

~ 40% OFF all Winter Gear!

~ 20% OFF select dog food

~ 20% OFF "bowls & home"

These deals are at Dee-O-Gee Downtown ONLY!


Friday (2/28) 10-6

Saturday (3/1) 10-5

Sunday (3/2) 11-2 ... only Dee-O-Gee Downtown is open THIS Sunday

5 Foods YOU Should Feed Your Dog

Posted on: Feb 13, 2014

Do you feed your dog raw food?  Kibble?  Cooked or dehydrated food?  A mixture of more than one?  Regardless of what you feed, it’s always a good idea to take a step back every now and again and decide whether your dog could use a little nutrition boost.  Sound nutrition is the first step in providing a healthier lifestyle for your dog, so let food by thy medicine!  Here are five healthy food items you might want to add to your dog’s diet.  Keep reading to learn more ... 


5 Foods YOU Should Feed Your Dog

Green Tripe

Green tripe is truly a superfood that no dog should be without! Tripe is loaded with naturally occurring digestive enzymes and probiotics. Think how much money you can spend on supplements when those same wonderful, natural substances are in abundance in green tripe. Tripe is also loaded with B vitamins and has the perfect ratio of calcium to phosphorus – 1:1. It also contains the essential fatty acids Linoleic and Linolenic, in their recommended proportions. If you can’t find green tripe from your raw supplier, there are canned products available. Tripe stinks but you won’t regret feeding it: no guts, no glory!  Dee-O-Gee offers PetKind canned dog food at both locations, which are filled with loads of good tripe ... and quinoa!

Milk Thistle

Although milk thistle is technically a herb not a food, it’s an important part of any dog’s diet. The active ingredient of milk thistle seed extract as a flavonoid compound called silymarin. This little powerhouse has been shown to be safe and effective in treating a variety of liver diseases and other conditions. It specifically protects the liver against toxins and stimulates the growth of new liver cells to replace those that are dead or damaged. Milk thistle is a great herb to have on hand and should be given any time your dog is exposed to any toxins including drugs, vaccines, dewormers, lawn chemicals and the like. Milk thistle also has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions. It can be purchased in powder, capsule, and liquid extract form.  Our most popular Milk Thistle supplement at Dee-O-Gee is the tincture formula from Animals Apawthecary. 

Raw Eggs

Next to green tripe, raw eggs are another one of nature’s most wholesome foods for dogs. Eggs are not only economical, but they are one of the most complete and nutritious foods available. Eggs are a nearly complete source of amino acids (the building blocks of proteints), and contain lots of vitamin A, riboflavin, folate, vitamin B12, iron, selenium and fatty acids. Feed the egg with the shell on, and the phosphorus and calcium are perfectly balanced (great for large breed dogs), making the egg a nearly complete source of nutrition for your dog. Whenever possible, try to find eggs from pasture raised chickens raised without hormones or antibiotics.

Coconut Oil

This superfood is comprised mainly of medium chain triglycerices which in turn are loaded with lauric acid, followed by capric acid, caprylic acid, myristic acid and palmitic. Most of the coconut oil benefits come from the MCTs. For example, the lauric acid in coconut oil has antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties. Capric and caprylic acid have similar properties and are best known for their anti-fungal effects. In addition, MCTs are efficiently metabolized to provide an immediate source of fuel and energy, enhancing athletic performance and aiding weight loss. In dogs, the MCTs in coconut oil balance the thyroid, helping overweight dogs lose weight and helping sedentary dogs feel energetic. According to Dr. Bruce Fife, certified nutritionist and naturopathic doctor, coconut oil gently elevates the metabolism, provides a higher level of energy and vitality, protects you from illness, and speeds healing. As a bonus, coconut oil improves any dog’s skin and coat, improves digestion, and reduces allergic reactions. Look for organic sources whenever possible.  The NOW formulas from Petcurean have lots of Coconut Oil in the formulation so you don' t have to worry about it!

Organ Meats

Organ meats are important for both raw feeders and those who feed kibble. The raw or home prepared diet would be incomplete without the powerful nutritional punch of organ meat and, due to consumer demand for higher quality protein sources, most high end kibbles avoid the use of byproducts and this includes organ meats. Compared to regular cuts of muscle meat, organ meats are more densely packed with just about every nutrient including heavy doses of B vitamins such as: B1, B2, B6, folic acid and vitamin B12. Organ meats are also loaded with minerals like phosphorus, iron, copper, magnesium and iodine, and provide the important fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. It’s important to note that animals raised outside on grass contain even higher levels of these essential nutrients than their grain fed counterparts. Raw is best but you can also fry up some liver or kidney for your dog as a treat.

As per our normal "#1" recommendation on how to best feed your dog, a raw diet that is prepared and frozen for you (Stella & Chewy's or Primal brands) is the easiest and best way to get all of these things in one package.  Ask about it the next time you are in at Dee-O-Gee!

Snowshoe Shuffle 2014 details!

Posted on: Feb 03, 2014

For Immediate Release (02/03/2014): 

Contact: Emily Wallace at HOV, 406-404-3068

UPDATE!!! - 4/26/14 - The Snowshoe Shuffle has been postponed until Saturday, April 12th due to extremely low temperatures (a predicted high of -3) for the original date of Saturday, March 1.  

Snowshoe Shuffle guarantees frosty fun for the entire family: 10th annual event will include new skijoring demonstration

Keep reading below for more details ... 

Snowshoe Shuffle 2014 details!

Big Sky, Montana. Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter and Big Sky Resort team up again on Saturday, March 1st for the tenth annual Snowshoe Shuffle.  The event -- featuring snowshoeing along a torch-lit course -- has built enough of a following to be covered in the national magazine, Dog Fancy.
“We’re pleased to mark the tenth year of this outdoor family event,” said Phil Rogers, Executive Director of Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter.  “Some families have made the Snowshoe Shuffle an annual tradition or part of their vacation planning.  And every year, we build more support for our community animal shelter.”

The event begins at 5:30 at the Madison Base Area at Big Sky.  Registration is $25 for adults, and children under 10 are free of charge.  Participants will receive a goody bag from Dee-O-Gee, and can rent snowshoes from Northern Lights Trading Company at no cost.  Dinner and live music are also included.

“We fan out onto the course for a trek together,” said Rogers.  “It’s about two miles long, and just challenging enough to be fun for everyone.  Then we share a casual evening at the Headwaters Grille, hear live music by the Gettin’ Up Early Boys, enjoy dinner and a raffle.  

“To feature new activities for our landmark year, we’ve asked local mushers to teach the basics of skijoring,” said Rogers.  “After fitting your dog with a harness you can test your dog’s pulling skills through the skijor course using a weighted sled.  We hope that everyone will want to try!”

New activities – in the company of old friends – make the Snowshoe Shuffle into a special evening for pet lovers everywhere.  Long-time shelter supporter Jana Freedman plans to travel from Oregon with her dog, John Wayne, to attend.  Freedman adopted the dog, a three-legged special needs pet from the shelter in 2008.  “For John Wayne, it’s a return to the people who saved his life. For me, watching the sun set behind the mountains, as groups of dogs form momentary packs and chase each other throughout the bowl, is one of the most exhilarating moments in my life.”

Proceeds from the event will benefit the homeless animals at the shelter.  This year’s event is sponsored by Pretty Paws Pet Grooming.
Early bird tickets are available at both Dee-O-Gee locations and at the shelter.

For more information, go to

February 2014 Specials at Dee-O-Gee

Posted on: Jan 30, 2014

Come see us at either Dee-O-Gee location for the following specials in February:

~ 20% OFF Dental Products for "Pet Dental Health Month"

~ $8 OFF Blue Buffalo big bags (Chicken, Lamb, Fish, LB Chicken and GF Wilderness)

~ Buy 1, Get 1 FREE on ALL Natural Balance Cat Cans

~ Buy 1, Get 1 50% OFF on Super Pumpkin Digestion Aid (regular or cranberry)

Offers are good until the end of February, 2014.

February 2014 Specials at Dee-O-Gee

Flatulent Cows Detonate Dairy Farm ... what?!!?

Posted on: Jan 29, 2014

We recently saw this article in Outside Magazine (here) that detailed an explosion in a shed resulting from extremely high methane gas levels.  The cause?  FARTING COWS! 

We think that our digestive enzyme supplements (here and here) would have helped save this farmer's shed ... they certainly have helped LOTS and LOTS of our customers!



Flatulent Cows Detonate Dairy Farm ... what?!!?

How dogs drink water

Posted on: Jan 26, 2014

Yes, we've wondered the same thing ... how does that "lapping" your dog does actually work?  And, why does it tend to make such a mess?!?!

Now, you know!


Bozeman’s “Lend-A-Leash” Program

Posted on: Jan 22, 2014

Have you seen the new signs at Trailheads around Bozeman yet?  You know, the ones that have leashes hanging next to them (courtesy of Dee-O-Gee) ready for you to use for FREE ... yep, they exist!  

These signs and leashes are part of the new "Lend-A-Leash" program in Bozeman.  The program is a collaboration between some really great organizations: Gallatin Valley Land Trust, City of Bozeman, Run Dog Run and Dee-O-Gee!  

A recent artilce in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle tells a bit more of the story (here).

Lend a Leash program details:

Currently, there are Lend-A-Leash stations at the following locations:

Possible Future Locations:

Are there other locations you would suggest?  Do you think there is a need for further adherance to the leash laws in Bozeman?  Or, are they too strict?Please note the off-leash dog running by the sign in the photo accompanying this post. wink

Please comment below.  Thanks!


Bozeman’s “Lend-A-Leash” Program

Coconut Oil or Fish Oil???

Posted on: Jan 20, 2014

Have you ever wondered whether you should feed your dog fish oil or coconut oil? The truth is that both oils have wonderful nutritional assets to offer your dog. Below are some facts about both oils that you need to know.  And, we have both in stock and ready for you at BOTH Dee-O-Gee locations.  

Coconut Oil or Fish Oil???

Fish Oil

Fish oil is an Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid (long chain), made up of a chain of 18 carbon atoms.  Fish oils are comprised of essential fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).  These essential fatty acids are found in cold water fish.  EPA and DHA are highly unsaturated fats because they contain 6 and 5 double carbon bonds on their long structured chain.  Because of the double carbon bonds, fish oil is more unstable and prone to oxidation when subjected to light or high heat during storage.

Benefits of Fish Oil Supplementation

Fish oils primarily have an anti-inflammatory effect and may help against heart disease and cancer.  EPA and DHA are converted into hormone-like substances called prostaglandins, which regulate cell activity and healthy cardiovascular function. EPA and DHA in fish oils primarily improve brain function and normal eye health.  DHA is a building block of tissue in the brain and retina of the eye.  It helps with forming neural transmitters, such as phosphatidylserine, which is important for brain function.  DHA is found in the retina of the eye. Studies show that Omega-3 fatty acids may help dogs with osteoarthritis, improving mobility and inflammation. 

Wholistic Pet Salmon Oil (recommended by Dee-O-Gee) 

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a medium-chain saturated fatty acid, comprised of a chain of 12 carbon atoms.  Unlike the saturated fats in animal fats, which are long chain fatty acids (LCFA), coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids (MCFA), mainly lauric acid, caprylic acid and capric acid.  Saturated fats are made of single carbon bonds, which mean that the oil is stable and not prone to oxidation or free-radical formation.  Coconut oil does not need to be refrigerated and has shown no signs of rancidity, even after three years of storage.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

The lauric acid in coconut oil is converted into monoglyceride monolaurin by the body, which keeps animals from getting viral, bacterial or protozoal infections.  Lauric acid is also found in abundance in breast milk so it has similar nutriceutical effects.  The MCFAs are broken down and used for energy production and seldom end up as body fat or as deposits in arteries.  Coconut oil gently elevates the metabolism, provides a higher level of energy and vitaility, protects from illness and speeds healing.  In dogs, the MDFAs in coconut oil balance the thyroid, helping overweight dogs lose weight and helping sedentary dogs feel energetic.  Coconut oil has an anti-inflammatory effect and may help protect against cancer.  Coconut oil improves any dog’s skin and coat, improves digestion and reduces allergic reactions.

Wholistic Pet Coconut Oil (recommended by Dee-O-Gee) here

Did you know? The NOW line from Petcurean Pet Nutrition contains supplemented Cocunut Oil ... it's one of our customer's favorite kibble lines b/c the pets do SO WELL on it ... probably due in part to the included Coconut Oil! 

DOGTV ... really?

Posted on: Jan 16, 2014

Does your pet watch TV at home while you are away?  Do you think it helps?  Maybe you’ve seen the new DOGTV available on DirectTV … supposedly this will help your dog stay entertained and engaged while you are absent? 

DOGTV ... really?

We’ve given you tips on how to select the right chew for your dog to help with "distraction" while you're not home (here), suggested outdoor activities to do with your dog in the winter to keep them "engaged" and happy (here) and, even told you what to watch for so your dog doesn’t overheat while you are playing (here) … but, DOGTV takes this to a whole new level!

What do you think … can DOGTV engage your dog effectively while you are gone from the house?  Have you tried it?  We’d love to hear your feedback by commenting below.  Thanks for reading!

Top 5 New Year Resolutions from your D-O-G

Posted on: Dec 31, 2013

Now that 2014 is officially upon us, we are all faced with hearing an inevitable slough of resolutions: Trim your girth, be nicer toward your in-laws, spend more time with the family, etc. We don’t personally believe this a very effective method for long-term change, but we’re all familiar with promises made to improve ourselves in the coming year.

Have you ever wondered what resolutions your dog may be thinking of? Perhaps your beloved pooch also vows to improve himself (and he means it this time – really!). We put together the “Top 5″ things your d-o-g may be thinking for 2013 … just don’t say anything if he falls a little short of the goal (you keep his secrets and he’ll keep yours). Read more below ...

Top 5 New Year Resolutions from your D-O-G

Resolution #1: I will eat less and exercise more

Too many nights on the couch, too many dog biscuits and too little time running around Cooper Park has made me a little, well, fluffier. I don’t think the old “I’m-just-big-boned” excuse will work anymore. I resolve to bug my owner to take me out to the doggy park several times a week … I do want to go to Snowfill for a play day, really!

Resolution #2: I will recognize the difference between furniture and dog toys

I promise not to treat the furniture and walls the way I do my dog toys. It drives my owners batty and has no lasting benefit for me to chew up their nice stuff. Besides, they pamper me with all of these nice d-o-g toys .. this year, I promise to use them.

Resolution #3: I won’t steal food as much

I won’t go out of my way to steal human food (assuming that you continue to feed me good dog food from Dee-O-Gee), although all bets are off if they make it really easy for me.

Resolution #4: I’ll introduce myself in more appropriate ways

In other words, I’ll focus above the waist when introducing myself to humans. Somehow, I get the feeling my normal greeting methods invade their private space.

Resolution #5: I’ll tolerate those stupid coats and boots more

My owner has gone to a lot of trouble to make me comfortable in the winter. In actuality, those boots do keep my feet from freezing … but, I continue to lift my paws up and give my owner the “sad eyes” so I can come back in. But, in 2014 I’ll be honest with the way they protect me and look forward to more walks outside in the snow!

Do you have anything else to add to this list that your dog resolves to do in 2014?  If so, please comment below.  Thanks for reading!

Last Minute Holiday Shopping Deals at Dee-O-Gee

Posted on: Dec 19, 2013

You're already sick of shopping, traffic and hassle ... right?  Let Dee-O-Gee help pick up your spirits with a few "Last Minute Deals" ...  

1) FREE $10 Dee-O-Gee Gift Card* with purchase of $40 Gift Card

2) Lump of Coal: 20% OFF all BLACK Zogoflex dog toys from West Paw Design

3) Sale on Christmas "stuff": 20% OFF all Holiday toys, treats, collars and gear.  

*Offers good 12/20/13-12/25/13 only.  Gift cards not to be combined with other offers or other gift cards.


Last Minute Holiday Shopping Deals at Dee-O-Gee

Mistletoe Challenge 2013

Posted on: Dec 10, 2013

Have some Holiday fun with your pooch and save 20-30% at Dee-O-Gee ... yes, please!

Announcing the "Dee-O-Gee Mistletoe Challenge" for 2013 ... come one, come all!

Mistletoe Challenge 2013

Look what we found at the new Bozeman Petco!

Posted on: Dec 01, 2013

In an effort to address the “elephant in the room” around the Bozeman independent pet store community, we give you the following information …

Recently, we stopped in at the local Petco in Bozeman to check out their new digs.  Why would we do that?  Well, it makes sense to keep tabs on what your competition is doing, right?  It’s common business practice and something we experience regularly doing business in a small town, as we see others around town copying things that we try to do.  As for the new Petco, it’s a nice space … bright lights, birds, reptiles, pet supplies.  The interior is about what we would have expected from a national chain store.  The prices, however, were not! 

Take a look at the table that accompanies this post.  There are 4 national brands Dee-O-Gee offers that Petco has access to: Natural Balance, Nature’s Variety, Solid Gold and Canidae.  We took a quick glance at some of the Petco prices and compared them to our current prices (for the exact same product) at Dee-O-Gee.  We think the results will surprise you (they certainly did for us) and we wanted to share them!

Look what we found at the new Bozeman Petco!

Typically, the small independent retailer differentiates itself with outstanding customer service and product knowledge, with respect to the national chains.  We try our best to do this at Dee-O-Gee, with regular staff trainings and thorough screening of product lines before they even “sniff” the shelves at Dee-O-Gee.  National chains can usually purchase their product in such large volumes, that they beat the local independents on price (electronics stores are a good example of this) … however, that doesn’t appear to be the case with Petco!  Apparently they think that high prices and mediocre customer service (as illustrated here) will work for them  … not in our town!  Please rest assured that Dee-O-Gee will continue to offer outstanding customer service, product knowledge and competitive prices.

Thanks so much for reading.  What are your thoughts … do you have any specific feedback or expertise in this area?

Customer Appreciation Party 2013

Posted on: Nov 27, 2013

Go ahead and find that killer deal on a new TV on Black Friday ... but, you gotta wait to buy your pet's Christmas present until next Thursday (December 5th), because ... that's the DEE-O-GEE CUSTOMER APPRECIATION PARTY!!!

Each year, we take an evening to say thanks to all of the loyal locals that faithfully support Dee-O-Gee.  So, come partake and let us say “THANKS!”. We cherish each and every one of you ... and, your pets!

~ 20% Discount Storewide (excludes pet food)
~ FREE $10 Dee-O-Gee Gift Card with $100 purchase
~ FREE Bozone and other drinks/food ... only the good stuff, like you’d expect from us!
~ Extra discounts on select pet food, treats & supplements!
~ FREE Pet Food Scoop/Measuring Cup with purchase
~ Both Dee-O-Gee locations ... 8th & Main AND Downtown

What would the perfect dog food look like?

Posted on: Nov 13, 2013

Have you ever noticed how many different dog food designs there are on the market these days?

High protein. Low carbohydrate. Holistic. All-natural. Organic. Grain-free. Raw. Limited-ingredient. High energy … The list goes on and on.

After years of searching for the best food for our own dogs, we’ve finally come to the conclusion … The “perfect” dog food has yet to be made.

Yes, we’ve heard it. So-and-so says there’s nothing better for your dog than the such-and-such diet. And your next door neighbor’s veterinarian recommends you only feed that special dog food — one he just so happens to sell.

Yet once you eliminate all the emotion, the marketing hype and the profits, it all comes down to one critical question… What Would the Ideal Dog Food Look Like?

What would the perfect dog food look like?

Today, it’s commonly believed that the dog first evolved directly from the wolf about 15,000 years ago somewhere in Central Asia. Of course, wolves were — and still are — meat-eating animals. Their teeth, their digestive systems and their behavior clearly confirm this fact.  From wolves, dogs have evolved over thousands of years in the constant shadow of Man — surviving on the food scraps and leftovers of human existence.  For this reason, domesticated dogs have shown they are capable of consuming a diverse diet, yet they still remain 98% genetically the same as wolves.

So, Are Dogs Carnivores — or Omnivores?

To answer that question, it’s important to keep in mind all animals are either…

   * Carnivores (animal eaters)
   * Herbivores (plant eaters)
   * Omnivores (consumers of both animals and plants)

By their ancestral pedigree alone, dogs are considered by many to be carnivores.  However, to be fair — and more accurate — dogs must also be recognized for their clearly observable ability to consume and process animals and plants.

So, what should the nutrient content of your dog's diet look like?

Well, let’s compare a dog’s natural ancestral diet with the nutrient content of a typical dry dog food…

In our opinion, the pet food industry has taken advantage of the dog’s remarkable willingness to eat just about anything. Notice the higher carbohydrate content of the kibble compared to the dog’s natural ancestral diet.  And, the dramatically lower protein and fat.  These two feeding profiles are nowhere near alike! There is a bit of a disconnect ... So, using a natural ancestral diet as a benchmark, doesn’t it make sense for a dog’s diet to be more balanced? A dietary design that includes:

   * More protein
   * More fat
   * Fewer carbohydrates

This is a design many mass-produced commercial dog food manufacturers choose to ignore (often times, in response to investors and share holders) … and, thereby they ignore the health and well-being of your pet!

The Bottom Line

Keeping in mind this picture of the ideal dog food, here are seven characteristics you may wish to look for when shopping for a good dog food…

  1. Higher in quality meat-based protein
  2. Higher in natural fats and oils
  3. Lower in carbohydrates
  4. Formulated from a named (non-generic) animal source
  5. Free of animal or vegetable by-products, including corn and soy
  6. Free of artificial flavoring, coloring or preservatives
  7. Complete in all essential vitamins and minerals

So, why not feed your dog a diet closer to what he/she might naturally choose for themselves.  At Dee-O-Gee, we are here to help your pet thrive and proper nutrition is a big part of that!  Let's help your dog eat how it was created to eat ... that plan simply makes good sense to us.  What do you think?

Winners Announced! Bozeman’s “Pet” Halloween Costume Contest 2013

Posted on: Nov 04, 2013

We had such a great time with all of the contestants to the 2013 version of Bozeman's "Pet" Halloween Costume Contest ... thanks to everyone that participated! And, thanks to all of you that voted too!  

We had some really creative entries, including:

~ Gus (Yorkshire Terrier) the Ninja Turtle

~ Oliver (Boston Terrier) the Cowboy

~ Trixie the Punk Rock Band Leader

~ Cabo Wabo (Corgi) as Hannibal Lecter

~ Gwenny (MIni Aussie) as a Buby Vulcher

~ Spike & Hula (Bulldogs) as Mr. T and a Hula Dancer

Click here for a full gallery of the finalists on the Dee-O-Gee Facebook page.

Keep reading for a list of the winners and their winnings!

Winners Announced! Bozeman’s “Pet” Halloween Costume Contest 2013

1st Place: Spike & Hula ... winnings: FREE PET FOOD FOR A YEAR! 

2nd Place: Gus the Ninja Turtle ... winnings: FREE $50 Dee-O-Gee Gift Card

3rd Place: Trixie the Punk Rocker ... winnings: FREE "sef serve Dog Wash" at Dee-O-Gee Downtown

*Special thanks to Petcurean Pet Nutrition for helping out with the winnings!


4 Easy Halloween Pet Tips

Posted on: Oct 23, 2013

Isn't Halloween a crazy holiday? We celebrate the beginning of autumn by dressing up in costumes, carving pumpkins, playing silly tricks on neighbors and giving out candy to strangers on your doorstep … huh?  That's just kind of the way things are in America in the Fall. 

We know you think your dog is smart ... er, maybe you don't wink … but, how can we expect this bizarre holiday to make sense to your pet? With that in mind, it’s best for us to have a game plan to keep your pets healthy & happy (and, most importantly, safe) on what can be a very hectic, confusing, and over-stimulating day.  Read more for a few things to think about, related to your pet's health, around the Halloween Holiday this year. 

4 Easy Halloween Pet Tips

People Treats Can Be Pet Trouble

The Pet Poison Hotline reports a 12% increase in call volume during the week of Halloween, most of them associated with pets consuming chocolate, raisins, and wrappers. These are all dangerous to our pets and should be treated as a poisoning if they’re accidentally ingested.

Chocolate: is one of the most toxic treats for pets. Dogs and cats both struggle to metabolize it and when it’s ingested, it can cause everything from vomiting and diarrhea to elevated heart rates and even seizures.

Raisins & Grapes: can cause kidney failure in your pets. These must be kept out of reach! If you suspect that your pet has ingested either of these (symptoms can include vomiting, abdominal pain, & lethargy), make sure you contact your veterinarian immediately.

Candy Wrappers: Unfortunately, our pets don’t always remove wrappers from treats before they eat them, making even non-poisonous treats dangerous. Plastic and foil can cause serious bowel obstruction, which sometimes needs surgery to correct. Even if the candy is eaten, your pet may still be attracted to the discarded wrapper, so keep the trash bin closed and inaccessible.

Keep Calm & Celebrate On

One of the biggest issues for our pets on Halloween is the constant line of trick or treaters or party guests. This can be especially troublesome if your pet is protective or hates when things are out of place. Fortunately, some small steps can go a long way in keeping them calm.
Make sure you have plenty of stress & anxiety remedies available and administer them before the trick or treaters start.  We have a large selection of "calming" remedies including treats, tinctures, Thundershirts and tablets at BOTH Dee-O-Gee locations (8th & Main AND Downtown Bozeman). If you wait until after your pet is nervous, these things aren’t as effective ... so, be proactive!  And, try to meet the trick or treaters on the porch. Preventing the doorbell from always ringing or stopping the constant knocking at the door can give you a huge advantage in limiting your pet’s anxiety. And with the calming aids, your pet might not even realize anything out of the ordinary is happening!

Decorate with Your Pets in Mind

Commonplace Halloween decorations can be trouble for our pets. Candles in jack-o-lanterns can be singed whiskers and tails for our curious companions. If you’re using open flames, try to put them at a level where your pets won’t be tempted to get at them.
Fake cobwebs and glow sticks that are bad for pets can also look like a tempting toy; cats especially love to chew on these. Unfortunately, these are bowel obstructions (and a surgery) waiting to happen. Keep pets away from the decorations as much as possible. If you do catch them playing with decorations, it’s best to grab the pet rather than the camera.

Keep Your Pets in at Night

With hectic neighborhoods on Halloween, your best bet for safe pets is to keep them inside. This will keep everyone calm and happy. As an extra precaution, make sure all of your companions are wearing their collars with appropriate contact information. Halloween can be a nervous night, and often our pet’s first instinct is to flee.

Bozeman’s “Pet” Halloween Costume Contest 2013

Posted on: Oct 23, 2013


How do you (and, your pet) enter?

1) Bring your pet/s (in costume) to either Dee-O-Gee location on Halloween Day during business hours (10-6).
2) Fill out Registration Form
3) Assist our staff in getting a unique photo of your pet(s).
4) Tell your friends to vote for your pet on our Dee-O-Gee Facebook page

How do I win? Good question ... keep reading

Bozeman’s “Pet” Halloween Costume Contest 2013

How do I win?

We'll use our special unbiased selection tactics to select the "top 6" entries from Halloween Day and post them to our Dee-O-Gee Facebook page by Friday morning (11/1).  You'll have until the end of the weekend (midnight on Sunday, 11/3) to tell all of your friends to vote for your pet by "liking" the picture posted.  The winner will be the photo that has the most likes ... simple! ***

What do I win? Another good question ...

1st place: FREE PET FOOD FOR 1 YEAR!!!
2nd place: $50 Dee-O-Gee Gift Card
3rd place: 1 FREE "Self Dog Wash" @ Dee-O-Gee Downtown

What makes a good Pet Costume?

1) Creativity ... anyone can go to Target and pick up a cheap made-in-China pet costume ... the winner will probably be better than that.
2) A unique story ... Do you and your pet share a cool bond?  Does your pet have a unique trick?  Incorporate those things into your pet's costume

We are looking forward to seeing all of your 'creativity' on Halloween Day!

***Please remember that this is all in good fun and we feel like it is a great way to celebrate your pet being part of your life.  All decisions made by Dee-O-Gee staff are done in a spirit of collaboration and community, please respect them. wink

Note: we are super excited to once again partner with Petcurean Pet Nutrition on the "FREE PET FOOD FOR 1 YEAR" winner! 

Dee-O-Gee Downtown progress update 9/11/13

Posted on: Sep 11, 2013

So, we've heard there's some excitement around Bozeman regarding our new Downtown location for Dee-O-Gee ... but, we can assure you that we are even MORE excited than you guys are! 

Our construction progress has gone wonderfully and the contractor is wrapping up some finish work this week.  After that, give us a few weeks to get all of our product and remaining fixtures/shelving in place and we should be able to open the doors to all of you Downtown Bozeman dog lovers!

A few highlights to look forward to:

   * ALL of the same great dog products you would find at our Original Dee-O-Gee at 8th & Main.
   * MORE freezer room for raw frozen "whole food" diets
   * Self dog wash … yep, come on Downtown and wash your own dog.  Leave the mess and clean up to us!
   * An overly large fire hydrant … you gotta see this thing to believe it!
   * New staff members … we have 3 new staff members that are super nice, knowledgable and helpful (because we know that's what you expect from us … we'll deliver!) that you will see bouncing between both Dee-O-Gee locations.

In case you haven't heard, the location will be at 424 E. Main ... right between Bozeman Running Co. and LillyLu.  There's on street parking right out our front doors and ample customer parking in the back of the building (where we have a second entrance).  

Thanks to all of you loyal local customers.  We are encouraged by your enthusiasm for Downtown Dee-O-Gee ... we couldn't do it without your support!


Dee-O-Gee Downtown progress update 9/11/13

Iams & Eukanuba Dog and Cat Food Recall

Posted on: Aug 15, 2013

Another recall ... sheesh!  This one is for Iams & Eukanuba, both brands owned by Procter & Gamble (P&G).  A few months ago, we told you about the massive series of recalls of Natura products (Innova, EVO, Cal Nat) which is also owned by P&G.  Remember, the first of the Natura recalls was very small (as this most recent P&G recall claims to be) and then it grew to encompass millions of pounds of pet food across the country.  Lots of pets were severly affected by that recall.  

All that to say ... please be careful!  The lot numbers and product runs of the recalled products are listed below.  Please make sure you aren't feeding your pet any of these foods ... salmonella can be dangerous!  As always, we are happy to show you better alternatives to these foods (often times at a better price) at Dee-O-Gee ... give us a shot at finding the right food for your pet!

Note: Dee-O-Gee does not offer Iams or Eukanuba, both brands owned by P&G, which also makes your laundry detergent and lotion ... shouldn't be making your pet food, in our opinion. wink

Keep reading below for the official press release from P&G on this Iams & Eukanuba recall.

Iams & Eukanuba Dog and Cat Food Recall

Press release from P&G:

CINCINNATI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) has voluntarily recalled specific lots of dry pet food because they have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella. These lots were distributed in the United States and represent roughly one-tenth of one percent (0.1%) of annual production. No Salmonella-related illnesses have been reported to date in association with these product lots.

Salmonella can affect animals eating the products and there is risk to humans from handling contaminated pet products, especially if they have not thoroughly washed their hands after having contact with the products or any surfaces exposed to these products.

Healthy people infected with Salmonella should monitor themselves for some or all of the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramping and fever. Rarely, Salmonella can result in more serious ailments, including arterial infections, endocarditis, arthritis, muscle pain, eye irritation, and urinary tract symptoms. Consumers exhibiting these signs after having contact with this product should contact their healthcare providers.

Pets with Salmonella infections may be lethargic and have diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, fever, and vomiting. Some pets will have only decreased appetite, fever and abdominal pain. Infected but otherwise healthy pets can be carriers and infect other animals or humans. If your pet has consumed the recalled product and has these symptoms, please contact your veterinarian.

This issue is limited to the specific dry pet food lot codes listed below. This affects roughly one-tenth of one percent (0.1%) of total annual production. The affected product was distributed to select retailers across the United States. These products were made during a 10-day window at a single manufacturing site. P&G’s routine testing determined that some products made during this timeframe have the potential for Salmonella contamination. As a precautionary measure, P&G is recalling the potentially impacted products made during this timeframe. No other dry dog food, dry cat food, dog or cat canned wet food, biscuits/treats or supplements are affected by this announcement.

P&G is retrieving these products as a precautionary measure. Consumers who purchased a product listed below should stop using the product and discard it and contact P&G toll-free at 800-208-0172 (Monday – Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM ET).

Link to Eukanuba Recall notification:  here

Link to Iams Dog Food Recall notification:  here

Link to Iams Cat Food Recall notification:  here

So God Made a Dog

Posted on: Jul 17, 2013

You've probably seen this video making the rounds around social media lately ... we really enjoyed and thought that you would too!  

We are so thankful for the "furry family members" in our life and also thankful that God chose to make dogs ... we trust you are too, enjoy!

July 2013 Specials at Dee-O-Gee

Posted on: Jul 05, 2013

Did you know Dee-O-Gee is now offering dog & cat kibble from Solid Gold?!?!  And, to kick things off with Solid Gold at Dee-O-Gee, we are offering $5 OFF on all 15# bags and larger, through the end of July ... wow!!!

Also, Buy 3 & Get 1 FREE on Bully Sticks, what a month!

Both deals are good through 7/31 ... cheers!

July 2013 Specials at Dee-O-Gee

“Fireworks Sale” at Dee-O-Gee!!!

Posted on: Jun 27, 2013

At Dee-O-Gee, the celebration of our nation's independence is one of our favorite times of year.  We feel very blessed to live and do business in the USA ... but, we know this may not be a favorite time of year for your d-o-g!  To help you take the best care of your nervous pets, we are offering all "Relax" products at 30% OFF through the 4th of July!

“Fireworks Sale” at Dee-O-Gee!!!

~ Tranquility Blend from Animals Apawthecary

~ Bach's Rescue Remedy

~Tranquility Kibble Topper from Crump's Naturals

~ Calming liquid from Pet Naturals of Vermont

~ Thundershirts from ThunderDog

No coupons to clip or codes to remember, just come on down and shop at Dee-O-Gee and we'll take care of it for you. Have a great 4th of July celebration with your family.  Light fireworks, grill out, eat some s'mores, enjoy your friends & family and stay safe!



Cost to Feed Popular Dog Foods

Posted on: Jun 25, 2013

Have you ever wondered just how much you spend each day on pet food?  We've found that most people simply compare the cost of the bag of food and the size, while paying little attention to the ingredient % and the calories/cup of the contents in the bag.  Well ... we think there's a lot more "to the story" in addition to the first ingredient listed and the vague "advertise-y" claims on the front of the bag.  Read more below to see the break down of $/day for a 50 lb dog on natural high-quality foods we offer at Dee-O-Gee contrasted with "grocery store" brands.  You'll be really surprised to see that it will probably cost you more $/day to feed Purina or Science Diet (foods with filler and driven by corporate profit) than it  costs you to feed products from Dee-O-Gee!  Keep reading ...

Cost to Feed Popular Dog Foods

Please hear us clearly - this blog post is not about "bashing" the large scale pet food companies.  There are some out there that make decent products.  We simply want to provide you with information that enables you to take the best care of your four legged family members.  That being said ...

If you look at the chart above ... Science Diet feeding guidelines for a 50 lb dog tell you to feed 3.5 cups of food/day for a monthly cost of $44.10. This includes healthy servings of Corn, Soy and other fillers your dog cannot digest properly (i.e. more poop in your yard to clean up!).  There are 11 nutrition options listed on the chart above that we offer at Dee-O-Gee that are LESS $ than Science Diet ... and, there are ZERO fillers in there!  

This doesn't even take into acccount the likely lower vet bills and pet care costs you will incur while feeding your pet higher quality food.  And, you'll likely get to live longer with your beloved furry friend when you feed them good food!  

We are happy to discuss this chart further with you in person at Dee-O-Gee ... just ask us the next time you are in to visit!

Many thanks for considering feeding your pets good food!


Natura expands recall, again ... and again!

Posted on: Jun 18, 2013

Wow, this one is really massive!  Natura has expanded recall(s) from the past few months (read about them herehere and here).  This time, they are recalling ALL of it.  All baked/cooked Natura products (Innova, EVO, California Natural, etc) across the entire country will soon vanish from retailers shelves (including PetSmart).  This recall does not include any Natura canned wet food.  Additionally, Natura is shutting down their production facility until they can figure out their testing methods.  Wow!

At Dee-O-Gee, we pulled Natura from our shelves when they sold out to Procter & Gamble (P&G) a few years back.  Other retailers did not make that decision then.  We have been successfully transitioning our customers away from Natura products for the past few years.  We have some really great options that are similiar to all Natura products (Innova, EVO, California Natural) and we'd be happy to help you find a new food for your favorite furry family member/s!

Please keep reading for a copy of the press release from the Natura site, posted today (6.18.13) ...

Natura expands recall, again ... and again!

From a press release issued by Natura Pet Food, the company is recalling all lot codes, all sizes, all UPC’s of Innova, Evo, California Natural, Healthwise, Karma, and Mother Nature pet foods and treats.

Natura Press Release:

Natura Pet Issues Voluntary Recall of Specialized Dry Pet Foods Due to Possible Health Risk

FREMONT, NEBRASKA, June 18, 2013

Natura Pet Products is voluntarily recalling specific lots of dry pet food because it has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.

Salmonella can affect animals eating the products and there is risk to humans from handling contaminated pet products, especially if they have not thoroughly washed their hands after having contact with the products or any surfaces exposed to these products.

Healthy people infected with Salmonella should monitor themselves for some or all of the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramping and fever. Rarely, Salmonella can result in more serious ailments, including arterial infections, endocarditis, arthritis, muscle pain, eye irritation, and urinary tract symptoms. Consumers exhibiting these signs after having contact with this product should contact their healthcare providers.

Pets with Salmonella infections may be lethargic and have diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, fever, and vomiting. Some pets will have only decreased appetite, fever and abdominal pain. Infected but otherwise healthy pets can be carriers and infect other animals or humans. If your pet has consumed the recalled product and has these symptoms, please contact your veterinarian.

These products were packaged in a single production facility.  During routine FDA testing, a single lot tested positive for the presence of Salmonella.  There have been no reports of pet or human illness associated with this product.  In an abundance of caution, Natura is voluntarily recalling all products with expiration dates prior to June 10, 2014.

The affected products are sold in bags through veterinary clinics, select pet specialty retailers, and online in the United States and Canada. No canned wet food is affected by this announcement.

The affected products are:
Innova Dry dog and cat food and biscuits/bars/treats
All Lot Codes, All UPC’s, All package sizes
All expiration dates prior to 6-10-2014

EVO dry dog, cat and ferret food and biscuits/bars/treats
All Lot Codes, All UPC’s, All package sizes
All expiration dates prior to 6-10-2014

California Natural dry dog and cat foods and biscuits/bars/treats
All Lot Codes, All UPC’s, All package sizes
All expiration dates prior to 6-10-2014

Healthwise dry dog and cat foods
All Lot Codes, All UPC’s, All package sizes
All expiration dates prior to 6-10-2014

Karma dry dog foods
All Lot Codes, All UPC’s, All package sizes
All expiration dates prior to 6-10-2014

Mother Nature biscuits/bars/treats
All Lot Codes, All UPC’s, All package sizes
All expiration dates prior to 6-10-2014

Consumers who have purchased the specific dry pet foods listed should discard them.

For further information or a product replacement or refund call Natura toll-free at 800-224-6123.  (Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM CST).

Fozzy Dog Leash Review

Posted on: Jun 07, 2013

Now available at Dee-O-Gee!  

Finally, there is a way to take everything that you could ever want with this convenient rope leash by Fozzy Dog.  Features an integrated pocket for keys, cash, cards, phone, earphones, etc.  The Handle also features a pick-up bag dispenser for easy storage and access to doggie bags. Heavy-Duty rope makes this leash strong enough for even the largest of dogs. 

The Fozzy Dog Carry All Rope Leash has a comfortable ergonomic handle and also has 3M reflective material for those night-time runs.  The handy storage pocket is large enough to fit almost every cell phone.  All of the Fozzy Dog Rope Leash hardware is nickel-plated steel which adds to the strength of the double braided rope.  The clasps are super easy to operate with one hand as well.

You can forget your Dad's fanny pack (i.e. "hands free belt satchel" if you are a 'How I Met Your Mother' fan) when you have the Fozzy Dog Leash!

Keep reading for product features and a cool video from Fozzy Dog (yes, we do think that husky in the beginning should be wearing a harness) ... enjoy!


Fozzy Dog Leash Review

Specifications: 5' length & "Small Dog" or "Big Dog" rope diameters. 2 dog harness coupler leash available.

Colors: Red, Black, Purple

Product Details:
~ Integrated waste bag dispenser
~ Rip-Stop Nylon Pocket for Phone Keys, etc
~ 3M reflective material for night-time visibility
~ Crack resistant handle
~ Heavy duty double braided rope
~ Nickel plated swivel snap-shackel

New Dog/Cat Food offerings at Dee-O-Gee!

Posted on: Jun 04, 2013

We've been hard at work researching and vetting additional nutrition options for your pets that we are now carrying at Dee-O-Gee. We have found some really great solutions for allergy dogs, value conscious pet owners and over-weight dogs & cats.  Please read more below and then let us know what you think of all this new goodness for your pets!

New Dog/Cat Food offerings at Dee-O-Gee!

Natural Balance LID Rabbit formula: very unique protein source, limited carbohydrates, grain-free.  This is a really great option for "allergy dogs" out there.  In fact, there is only 1 small difference between this formula ($55.99 retail for the large bag) and the $90 bag of Royal Canin prescription formula that you can only get at certain veterinary offices.  The only difference is the Biotin and Niacin are flip-flopped on the ingredient panel, way down the list … that's it, a small ingredient difference and a HUGE price difference.  If you're a Royal Canin person, come save yourself some $$$ and come check this one out!  More details, here.

Natural Balance "Fat Dogs" & "Fat Cats": this is a balanced formula, low in calories but high in flavor satisfaction.  Fat Dogs/Cats features a unique blend of protein and fiber that is designed to keep pets nutritionally balanced (even when consuming less calories).  This diet is only designed to be fed until your pet reaches an "ideal shape" that is determined with your pet care provider's help. More info on the Natural Balance site, here.  Psst, there's also a $4 off printable coupon on that link!

Solid Gold: we've been looking into Solid Gold for some time now (because we have so many requests for it) and we've become familiar with a few of the "hard things" about offering Solid Gold.  They are notorious for very short "Best By" dates and sometimes their supply is inconsistent … these are 2 things that we really shy away from at Dee-O-Gee.  But, Solid Gold makes really good products and we are excited to offer them to you, our wonderful customers.  Currently, we have the Hund-n-flocken, Wolf King, Wolf Cub and the Indigo Moon (cat) in stock.  Let us know if you feed another Solid Gold sku that we could get for you!  More info on Solid Gold, here.

Win MT Beerfest Tickets!

Posted on: May 29, 2013

Wanna win some FREE tickets to enjoy some great craft brews from around the Rocky Mountain West?  The annual Montana Beerfest is this weekend in Bozeman, MT and you could go, for FREE, on us!  Also, we'll throw in a super cool Dee-O-Gee travel bowl (pictured).

All you gotta do ...

1) "Like" Dee-O-Gee on Facebook

2) Post a pic of your dog/s (or, cat/s) telling us why, from their perspective, that you (the "person" of said pet) should enjoy the Montana Beer Festival this year.  

That's it!  We'll select the most creative submission (no hard feelings if you don't get picked) and let you know on our FB page.  Contest ends this FRIDAY 5/31 AT NOON!  Winner will be announced on Friday afternoon.  Tickets will be available for pick up on Saturday morning.

Let's see some creativity!

Win MT Beerfest Tickets!

Bather/Groomer needed!

Posted on: May 28, 2013

For immediate release (5/28/13): Dee-O-Gee is currently hiring for the following position ... bather and/or dog groomer.

Dee-O-Gee is growing and we need another team member!  We are currently looking for a bather in our grooming department and/or an experienced professional dog groomer.  Requirements for both positions include: great team player, lover of pets, hard/diligent worker, attention to detail & availability on some Saturdays (in addition to all weekdays).

Extra requirements for a grooming position (in addition to those listed above): 1+ years experience as a professional groomer.  Excellent personal communciation and customer service skills.  

Keep reading ...

Bather/Groomer needed!

Please send all resumes to  Compensation is commensurate on experience and overall eagerness to learn & be part of our great team!

In addition to working in a super-fun environment and the strong potential to be part of the growth of our company in the coming years, each Dee-O-Gee employee receives a standing discount on all of our great products, paid time off annually and is part of a company-matching employee retirement plan.

“Dog Day 2” ... have you seen it?

Posted on: May 14, 2013

Check out our newest TV spot ... what do you think?!?!


How to Keep Your D-O-G from Overheating

Posted on: May 07, 2013

Some high-energy, athletic dogs, unable to sweat, will work to the point of self-injury, so make sure you're able to recognize the warning signs of exhaustion. It's beginning to get warmer across the country, so it's an important time to be aware of this ... read more details below.

How to Keep Your D-O-G from Overheating

Summer months provide the opportunity to keep our dogs in shape, improve their skill levels, and, perhaps, rectify shortcomings identified in the field last season. But you should remember to use the cool, damp mornings and be careful of the summer heat. Exhaustion can be a killer.

Retrievers, pointers, and other high-energy, athletic dogs have enormous enthusiasm for the job, often working to the point of self-injury. On hot, dry days, body heat builds up quickly in the active dog. And because they don’t sweat there’s no way to dissipate the heat.

The key is to recognize the warning signs of exhaustion early and to avoid training during the hottest part of the day. Warning signs include excessive panting, frothing at the mouth, lethargy, and dizziness. Some exceptionally driven dogs won’t slow down as they overheat. You’ve got to be exceptionally vigilant and stop training and cool them down with water.

Get the dog in shape before active training programs. If your dog has been out of service for a while or has become overweight and out of shape, begin conditioning with long walks practicing heel work and swimming retrieves on cool mornings. Swimming is more aerobic, easier on the dog’s joints, and cooler than running. Gradually extend the duration and intensity of the sessions getting the dog accustomed to working in warmer conditions.

Train in the early morning hours when the ground and air are cooler with less humidity. The dew is a bonus—much better than a sun-baked field. Involve lots of water work and choose places with a large tree canopy for shade. Plan sessions. Each exercise should have a training objective to prevent wasted energy, which builds body heat. Hold off long lining, casting, or pointing training for cooler weather. You can run four 25-yard retrieves with brief rest periods between each retrieve and keep the dog cooler than running one 100-yard retrieve.

This article originally appeared on Outside K9, the former dog blog of Outside magazine, on July 6, 2009.

A Simple Way to Improve Your Dog’s Digestion

Posted on: May 07, 2013

Dry kibble (or, what some people still call "dog chow") is here to stay in the pet food industry.  It's low on "messiness", at-your-fingertips when you need some, cleanly packaged & remains stable/usable for a long time … there's lots of benefits.  But, at Dee-O-Gee we are convinced that it is far from the natural "whole prey" diet that our pets would normally consume.  We believe that kibble could use a little tweaking in order to help our pets better digest it for a healthier outcome and longer life.  Read more below to find out how ...

A Simple Way to Improve Your Dog’s Digestion

If we had to guess, probably over 50% of the digestive issues in cats or dogs (which could include gas, soft stool, diarrhea and irritable bowel - yes, pets get this too!), whether a correct diagnosis or not, is caused by overfeeding of kibble.  We derive this conclusion from the number of these issues which have simply went away when the customer follows our simple example of feeding less kibble, adding some whole foods and some moisture.   

If you drank an entire glass of highly concentrated juice that was supposed to be pre-mix, you might get an upset stomach, right?  If you continued to drink that juice 2x/day for months, it might even turn into some real digestive issues for you.  However, if you drink the properly reconstituted juice concentrate every day, even twice a day, you probably would not have any digestive issues.  The same concept is true for kibble, which is a  concentrated form of nutrients. 

Considering dry dog food kibble, it is very easy to feed too much … it seems so light and so little in that cup, right?  And, your dog probably has the perfect "I'm still hungry" face that gets you every time, right?  But, please remember that dried kibble is only dry to make it stable on the retailer's shelf for a long time - it's very concentrated because of this.  The natural food of a carnivore (i.e. your dog's DNA is 98% the same as that of a wolf in Yellowstone Park) is very high in moisture, around 70% or more, because no water has been removed from their prey diet when they eat in the wild. 

One solution to digestive upset may be to decrease the kibble volume you feed your pet by 1/4 of the feeding instructions on the bag, then add water to make up the difference.  This will help your pet digest the kibble better and give more satisfaction and less "bloated" feel after the meal.  Also, it is a good idea to make sure meals are at least 8 hours apart so that your dog's stomach is empty prior to each meal.  Another thing to remember is to reduce regular meal amounts with respect to the amount of treats consumed each day, which should be counted toward the total calorie count for the day.

What do we mean by whole foods?  Simple, food that has not lost any nutrients, digestive enzymes or quality due to high temperature and pressure cooking.  Almost all kibble is processed in a quick, high temperature way that kills off a portion of the "good stuff" in the food.  So, we recommend adding some "whole foods" back into the diet by an addition of a raw-frozen, freeze-dried or dehydrated form.  We've seen so many dogs start to really thrive after replacing a portion of their kibble with some of these products … in fact, this is our #1 recommendation for nutrition at Dee-O-Gee!

In conclusion, if your dog or cat suffers from digestive upset, one recommendation is to cut back on the kibble a little bit and replace with some water (you could also add unsalted beef or chicken broth).  A better alternative to this would be to add some raw-frozen or freeze-dried food (+water) to your pet's diet.

What do you think ... have you had any success with these "tweaks" to your dog's diet?  Are you apposed?  Why?  Please comment below.


Natura expands recall, again!

Posted on: Apr 21, 2013

Ok, this one is getting bigger and bigger ... please be cautious if you are feeding your dog or cat any products from Natura: Innova, EVO, California Natural, Healthwise.  Initially, they (Natura, owned by Procter & Gamble) said the recall was limited (read more here) ... then, it got a bigger (here) ... now, it is ALL products made before March 24, 2013 ... wow!  Read more below for specific details from Natura.  We've got lots of other (i.e. better/safer) nutrition options for your dog or cat at Dee-O-Gee.  Give us a call (406-551-2364), read more on our "Eat" page, or stop by our 801 W. Main location in Bozeman to learn more.  

Natura expands recall, again!

This from Natura's website:

On March 18, 2013, we informed you of a voluntary recall on select Natura products.

Out of an abundance of caution, we are extending our recall to include all Natura dry dog, cat and ferret food and treats that have expiration dates on or before March 24, 2014. We are sorry for the disruption, but we simply want to ensure that every product meets our highest quality standards.

Natura canned products and Mother Nature biscuits are not affected. (see Treats table below for further detail).

Please read below for more information about the recalled products and how to replace your pet food if it is included.

Your pet’s health and safety are our #1 priority. We are taking all actions necessary to ensure that our products meet both your expectations and ours. Our Fremont plant has been focused on quality enhancements and is now shipping new product to stores that will be on shelves soon.

As fellow pet owners feeding Natura products, we share your disappointment and again, we are very sorry. For additional inquiries, contact us at or (800) 224-6123.

Employees of Natura Pet Products

Updated Product Information
Natura has issued a voluntarily recall of all dry products with an expiration date on or before March 24, 2014, for the following brands.



California Natural



To clarify what is meant by “treats” in our communication above, only the following “treat” products are included in the recall:

Treats Included in Recall

Innova Cat Treats
EVO Wild Cravings Turkey & Chicken Formula Cat Treats
EVO Wild Cravings Herring & Salmon Formula Cat Treats
EVO Wild Cravings Weight Management Cat Treats
EVO Wild Cravings Herring Formula Dog Treats
EVO Wild Cravings Red Meat Formula Dog Treats
EVO Wild Cravings Turkey & Chicken Formula Dog Treats
EVO Wild Cravings Weight Management Dog Treats

No other Natura biscuits/bars are included.

Simple way(s) to make your dog’s food more digestible

Posted on: Apr 08, 2013

Dry kibble (or, what some people still call "dog chow") is here to stay in the pet food industry.  It's low on "messiness", at-your-fingertips when you need some, cleanly packaged, stays usable for a long time … there's lots of benefits.  But, at Dee-O-Gee we are convinced that it is far from the natural "whole prey" diet that our pets would normally consume.  We believe that kibble could use a little tweaking in order to help our pets better digest it for a healthier outcome and longer life.  Keep reading to find out what tweaks we are talking about ... 

Simple way(s) to make your dog’s food more digestible

If we had to guess, probably over 50% of the digestive issues in cats or dogs (which could include gas, soft stool, diarrhea and irritable bowel - yes, pets get this too!), whether a correct diagnosis or not, is caused by overfeeding of kibble.  We derive this conclusion from the number of these issues which have simply went away when the customer follows our simple example of feeding less kibble, adding some whole foods and some moisture.   

If you drank an entire glass of highly concentrated juice that was supposed to be pre-mix, you might get an upset stomach, right?  If you continued to drink that juice 2x/day for months, it might even turn into some real digestive issues for you.  However, if you drink the properly reconstituted juice concentrate every day, even twice a day, you probably would not have any digestive issues.  The same concept is true for kibble, which is a  concentrated form of nutrients. 

Considering dry dog food kibble, it is very easy to feed too much … it seems so light and so little in that cup, right?  And, your dog probably has the perfect "I'm still hungry" face that gets you every time, right?  But, please remember that dried kibble is only dry to make it stable on the retailer's shelf for a long time - it's very concentrated because of this.  The natural food of a carnivore (i.e. your dog's DNA is 98% the same as that of a wolf in Yellowstone Park) is very high in moisture, around 70% or more, because no water has been removed from their prey diet when they eat in the wild. 

One solution to digestive upset may be to decrease the kibble volume you feed your pet by 1/4 of the feeding instructions on the bag, then add water to make up the difference.  This will help your pet digest the kibble better and give more satisfaction and less "bloated" feel after the meal.  Also, it is a good idea to make sure meals are at least 8 hours apart so that your dog's stomach is empty prior to each meal.  Another thing to remember is to reduce regular meal amounts with respect to the amount of treats consumed each day, which should be counted toward the total calorie count for the day.

What do we mean by whole foods?  Simple, food that has not lost any nutrients/digestive enzymes/quality due to high temperature and pressure cooking.  Almost all kibble is processed in a quick, high temperature way that kills off a portion of the "good stuff" in the food.  So, we recommend adding some of the "whole foods" back into the diet by an addition of a raw-frozen, freeze-dried or dehydrated form.  We've seen so many dogs start to really thrive after replacing a portion of their kibble with some of these products … in fact, this is our #1 recommendation for nutrition at Dee-O-Gee!

In conclusion, if your dog or cat suffers from digestive upset, one recommendation is to cut back on the kibble a little bit and replace with some water (you could also add unsalted beef or chicken broth).  A better alternative to this would be to add some raw-frozen or freeze-dried food (+water) to your pet's diet.  Another 'at home' solution is to add some pumpkin to your dog's food ... we've got an easier way to do that, here.

What do you think?  Have you had success in helping your dog's digestion by adding moisture or whole foods?  What have you heard is the best method for helping stomach upset?

Natura expands dog/cat food recall!

Posted on: Apr 03, 2013

Natura Pet Products expanded their voluntary food (Innova, EVO, California Natural, Healthwise) recall last Friday over salmonella concerns.  Keep reading for further details ... 

Natura expands dog/cat food recall!

“In the course of further examination, additional products have tested positive for the presence of salmonella,” a statement posted on their website said. “All of these products were made on a single manufacturing line. As an additional safety measure, we are broadening our voluntary recall to include all dry dog and cat food products made on this single manufacturing line in the Jan-Mar, 2013 timeframe.”

The recall includes pet food sold under their Innova, EVO, California Naturals and HealthWise brands. A link to the recalled items may be found on the recall page of the Natura Pet Foods website.

“Your pets’ health and safety is our #1 priority.” the latest statement read. “We assure you that we are extensively investigating, inspecting and taking all actions necessary to ensure that our products meet both your expectations and ours.”

Natura first voluntarily recalled batches of their pet food March 18 after the FDA confirmed salmonella present in one of their products during a random sampling.  With this latest edition, this recall is now massive!  Please recall that Natura is now owned by Procter & Gamble ... would you want the company that makes your laundry detergent responsible for making your pet food?

Read details about the recall on our original post about this, here.

Pets are good for your health ... do you agree?

Posted on: Apr 02, 2013

The magic solution for good health has four legs and a tail … would you agree?  It turns out that sharing your life with a pet is good for you … and there's some science to prove it!  Keep reading for further details on the the International Association of Human-Animal Interaction Organizations (IAHAIO), which met recently to share the latest research in their field. Every three years, scientists, leaders of organizations that offer animal-assisted therapy or other animal-related programs, veterinarians and other interested parties attend an international IAHAIO meeting.

Pets are good for your health ... do you agree?

"We know that there are positive neurochemical changes that occur by merely walking down the street and seeing a dog," says Rebecca Johnson, president of the IAHAIO, which serves as an umbrella organization for over 40 associations and many individual scientists who are doing the research to better understand human/animal relationships. "We showed that when older adults walk shelter dogs, a significant increase in their normal walking speed results, improving their fitness.  There is also a grew benefit provided to those shelter dogs!

A research group from Australia recently presented at the conference about their findings that demonstrate dog-walking also increases social capital. "When people are out walking dogs, communities are perceived as safer, friendlier and better places to live," Johnson says.

Dennis Turner, from the University of Zurich, recently concluded an extensive study of 6,000 adults in a dozen countries (Brazil, China, England, France, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Singapore, Switzerland and the United Arab Emeritus) to learn about the relationship between religion and pet ownership, and general notions people have about pets in various nations. He questioned both pet owners and non-pet owners.

Turner's results demonstrate that the popular notion that Muslims disdain pets may be false. "They don't want pets on their prayer rugs indoors, but overall, their feelings for pets were more favorable than some might have predicted," he says. Turner concedes that research in additional Arab countries might be worthwhile.  Jews and Christians ranked lowest when it came to agreeing that animals think as people do, Turner found. "Likely, this goes back to the belief that man has dominion over animals," he suggests.  Turner's research demonstrated that people who identified themselves as Hindus and Buddhists were most "animal tolerant."

Dogs can make a difference in people's lives in unexpected ways. Psychologist Dr. Marie-Jose Enders-Slegers, whom also presented at the IAHAIO conference, says her study paired nearly 30 families with autistic children from ages 4 to 7 with a service dog. "At this age, the children often begin to be bullied, but we noted this didn't happen. In fact, the dogs attracted friends, which seemed to force improvement in the social skills (of the autistic children)," says Enders-Slegers.

Autistic children often have tactile issues, not wanting to be touched or to touch others.  Over time, Enders-Slegers noted, that while some children wouldn't hug their Mother, they would eventual show affection to the dog by petting or hugging.

What do you think?  Obviously, if you are reading this you have some interest in the role your pet plays in your life … do you think your pet improves your health?  Please share below in the comments - thanks for reading!

*part of the content for this article provided by Steve Dale's Pet World

Product Review: The Ruffwear Slackline leash

Posted on: Mar 20, 2013

This is one of our best selling leashes at Dee-O-Gee and we thought you should see why!  It's a really great multi-use leash ... you can use it as a "normal" leash as well as a jogging leash that straps around your waste.  Most customers that buy this leash, come back and buy another one to have handy in the vehicle, etc. 

Natura Recall (Innova, EVO, California Natural, Healthwise)

Posted on: Mar 19, 2013

March 18, 2013 – Natura Pet Products has announced it is recalling four of its most popular brands of dry dog, cat and ferret foods due to possible contamination with Salmonella bacteria. Innova, EVO, California Natural & Healthwise were all affected ... if you feed ANY of these products to your pet, please be careful!  Read further for details ... 

Natura Recall (Innova, EVO, California Natural, Healthwise)

Click on the brands being recalled for complete recall information:

California Natural

No Karma, Mother Nature, wet or treat products are included in this recall.

The recall has now been confirmed by the FDA in a news release dated March 18, 2013.

As many of you know, Natura (parent company of Innova, EVO, etc) sold out to Procter & Gamble (P&G) a few years back.  Previous to that,  Innova, EVO and California Natural were big sellers for us at Dee-O-Gee.  At the time of the sell-out, we made the painful decision to cut ALL Natura products from our shelves.  It hurt our bottom line, but we felt it was the best decision for our customers.  P&G has since made their products widely available at PetSmart (and amped up their creative marketing to make you think it's the same) ... it's now clear that the quality & quality control has been diminished, despite their best efforts to ocnvince us otherwise. 

If you feed any of these products (even SKU's that are not listed in the recall) PLEASE BE CAREFUL and pay very close attention to your pet.  You can find symptoms of salmonella poisoning here:

If you are considering other nutrition options for your furry family members, please let us help! Anyone you talk to at Dee-O-Gee (406-551-2364) can assist you in picking out a new, appropriate food.  Or, you could learn about all the foods we offer by clicking here:

What to do next?

If you have a product included in this recall, you may contact the company at or at 800-224-6123.  You can report complaints about FDA-regulated pet food products at

Sing like nobody is watching!

Posted on: Mar 14, 2013

Surely someone wise has told you to "dance like no one is watching" ... right?  This poodle agrees!  


We only hope that the neighbors are dog lovers too!  


~ D-O-G

Does your dog eat like a wolf?

Posted on: Mar 12, 2013

Domestication appears to have led to genetic changes in dogs that may make them able to digest starches better than Wolves can, according to a paper published in Nature in January.

Kerstin Lindblad-Toh, a geneticist at Uppsala University in Sweden, led the team that looked for genetic differences between 12 wolves from around the world and 60 different domesticated dogs from 14 different breeds.  Their findings identified 3 specific genes that are different in dogs vs wolves - suggesting that dogs have become better at breaking down starches, converting them to sugars and absorbing them in the gut, with respect to wolves. 

What do we think this means for you, as your pet's "person"? Keep reading ...


Does your dog eat like a wolf?

Ancestrally, (and, today) wolves feed themselves primarily on deer and animal carcasses.  Today, most domesticated dogs are sustained on a diet that involves higher level of starches, with respect to wolves.  Since wolves consume almost NO starch, a diet that is relatively rich in starch does not mean grains and other starchy foods should make up a significant part of any dog's diet.  It also does not mean that dogs require high levels of starch in their diet.  And, it does NOTHING to support feeding a highly processed diet rather than one with fresh whole foods.

At Dee-O-Gee, we don't believe it is advisable to avoid starches in your dog's diet.  Whole grains are high in some vitamins and minerals and provide fiber (prebiotics) that helps support beneficial bacteria in the intestines (probiotics).  Other starchy foods such as sweet potatoes, lentils and bananas also provide nutrients that may otherwise be lacking in a homemade diet of mostly meat protein.  We continue to believe that the majority of dogs thrive when fed a diet that is high in protein, with low to moderate fat and carbohydrate levels …depending on the dog's needs in response to their food, of course.  Starches can be partially helpful for dogs who need to gain weight, or who have kidney issues with processing high levels of protein.  As always, it's important to do what works best for your dog!

Would you like help wading throug the MOUNTAIN of information you could find on the internet about pet food ... high protein? fresh meats? fillers? rotation? raw? ... sheesh!  We'd love to walk alongside in this ... please ask anyone at Dee-O-Gee about this the next time you are in ... we'd love to help!  Or, you can comment below.

So, what do you think?  Does your dog do ok on high grain diets?  Or, have you had success with high protein foods that are minimally processed?


Antifreeze may finally be a bit safer for your dog

Posted on: Mar 08, 2013

Have you had a "near miss" with antifreeze and your d-o-g?  Maybe you know someone that has.  Starting soon, there's reason to hope that pet issues with the sweet tasting green stuff will decrease significantly.  Keep reading...

Antifreeze may finally be a bit safer for your dog

Manufacturers have agreed to add a bittering agent to deter pets from ingesting antifreeze!  On December 31, 2012 the Consumer Specialty Products Association and the Humane Society Legislative Fund jointly announced that all major marketers have agreed to voluntarily add a bitter flavoring agent to all antifreeze and engine coolant products manufactured for sale in the USA.  This is to deter animals and children from ingesting these products.  This is GREAT news about a change that has the potential to save many lives!

Each year, about 90,000 pets are poisoned due to antifreeze ingestion … garage floors, containers left open, etc.  Previously antifreeze had a slightly sweet taste that made it attractive to pets, kids, livestock, etc.  As little as 1 tsp of antifreeze is a lethal amount for cats. 

Although the change is to take place immediately, older products on retailers shelves (and, in your garage) may be around for awhile.  So, please continue to take caution with antifreeze, while knowing that future risk of antifreeze ingestion by your loved little ones is hopefully lower!

What do you think?  Will adding some bitter flavor help prevent pet deaths?

Thanks to the "Whole Dog Journal" for some of the content for this article.

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Posted on: Feb 28, 2013

Hey! Do you love taking and sharing photos of your favority four-legged friends?  Are you an Instagram afficianado? If so, you can now tag instagram photos of your pooch with #deeogee and they instantly show up on our homepage ... like magic!

So, let's see some ... take some great pics of you and your d-o-g and share with your fellow Dee-O-Gee folk for all to enjoy!  

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Scottie Pinwheel

Posted on: Feb 19, 2013

This is too cute not too share ... enjoy!



FREE Pet Dental Screenings at Dee-O-Gee!

Posted on: Feb 06, 2013

Did you know February is National Pet Dental Health Month?  A month that we at Dee-O-Gee feel strongly about raising awareness of the dangers of Periodontal Disease.  Here are some quick facts that stress the importance of taking care of your pet's teeth & gums:

~ 80% of dogs and 70% of cats are affected by oral disease by the age of 3
~ Less than 10% of pet owners provide for the pet's dental needs
~ Left untreated, periodontal disease is painful and can lead to shorter life expectancy of your pet
~ Bad breath is one of the first signs of periodontal disease

To celebrate Pet Dental Health Month, Dee-O-Gee is offering FREE Pet Dental Health Screenings, courtesy of 360 Pet Medical staff. 

Don't forget, 20% OFF all Pet Dental Products at Dee-O-Gee for the Month of February!

Dates: Friday, February 15th & Friday February 22nd. 

Call Dee-O-Gee (406-551-2364) or 360 Pet Medical (406-551-2360) to schedule

FREE Pet Dental Screenings at Dee-O-Gee!

February is “Pet Dental Health” month!

Posted on: Jan 26, 2013

Each year, February is "Pet Dental Month" ... not just at Dee-O-Gee, but nationally, in order to promote awareness of common dental issues with pets.  We have some pretty great natural dental options and we are offering 20% OFF all denal products for the month of February!  Online at, use coupon code "dental20" at checkout to receive your discount.  Keep reading for some suggestions on great dental products available at Dee-O-Gee ... as always, all-natural with no nasty chemicals!

February is “Pet Dental Health” month!

Here's a few highlights of pet dental health options we offer at Dee-O-Gee ... take a minute to consider how your dog might benefit from these!

Tropiclean Fresh Breath Gel:  No Brushing!  Kills germs and solves minor gum irritations.  Click here to read more. 

Organic Sweet Potato Chews: only 1 ingredient - sweet potato!  These super simple and easily digestable chews have an irregular shape which works great to rub your dog's teeth and gums as they chew on these ... great for dental health! You can buy them online at with ZERO sales tax.

Zuke's Z Bones chews: clean teeth & fresh breath with these all-natural chews (Made in Colorado).  3 flavors and 3 sizes availabe at Dee-O-Gee.  Click here to read more about Zuke's Z Bones.

Ginger Mint: Freshens breath, helps fight harmful bacteria in the mouth and digestive tract, plus it tastes great (and, it's made in Montana)!  Find it at!

Brushless toothpaste: The unique outside core helps pets' stinky breath. The inside core includes pet toothpaste as well as other ingredients that help support dental health.  Click here for product description.

Don't forget, 20% off all Dental Health Products during the month of February!  Use coupon code "dental20" at checkout on!



Do you know what you should about Chinese Chicken Jerky Treats?

Posted on: Jan 21, 2013

Chicken jerky dog treats made in China have been in the news quite a bit lately ... if you haven't noticed (and, you're a dog owner), you should have!  

It's been sad, really ... there have been numerous reported deaths of pets linked to brands like Waggin' Train and Milo's Kitchen (i.e. grocery store and "big box store" brands).  To our amazement, Nestle and Delmonte have pulled these brands from shelves across the USA until further notice.  These deaths have spurred FDA investigations, NBC and Associated Press national news stories, and numerous petitions across the internet.  

As a Dee-O-Gee customer, you don't need to worry about this because NONE of the nutrional products and supplements we carry are made in China ... rest assured, we are commited to the health and happiness of your pet!  For those of you that'd like more facts on this issue and some steps to take to make it better, keep reading ... 

Do you know what you should about Chinese Chicken Jerky Treats?

• The FDA has been aware of illness associated with chicken jerky (as well as duck and sweet potato) originating in China since 2007.
• They have received 2,200 reports of illnesses and 360 dog deaths and one cat death related to the treats.
• Cases have been reported in every state.
• Chinese chicken dog treats have increased 85 fold from 2003 to 2011.

This problem is large and it's tentacles spread across our nation. In the face of such a huge problem, it’s hard to know what to do to protect your furry friends. So, what should you do? Good question! Here's some quick tips:

1. Stop buying treats made in China!: Unfortunately, all too often, profits outweigh safety for big corporations (see Costco, Walmart, grocery stores, etc). All of the treats we stock at Dee-O-Gee are carefully made in the USA (or, some in Canada, Europe or New Zealand).  

2. Look for signs of illness: Most of the illness associated with these treats has been gastrointestinal. This includes vomiting, diarrhea, and blood and mucus in stool. More serious issues have arisen however, including pancreatic and GI bleeding and even kidney failure. If any of these issues arrive, seek veterinarian help immediately.

3. Remember, chicken jerky is just a treat: Your pet doesn’t need treats to survive, so if you are at all concerned, stop feeding them treats. A balanced diet is essential for your pet’s health, treats are just the icing on the cake.  Learn more about our nutirtion options at Dee-O-Gee on our "Eat" page.

4. Share with your friends: Make sure every pet parent you know is aware of what’s happening. Share on social media, talk to them at the dog park, whatever it takes! Get the word out to everyone that these treats are dangerous.  We post a number of updates and relevant information on our blog and Facebook page ... send them there too!

5. Make a statement: This one is easy and powerful. Shop with smaller brands that produce in the USA. Let them know you appreciate their dedication to your pet’s health and happiness.

Navigating the world of pet food can be scary when dangers like Chinese treats and salmonella recalls are popping up so often. But these threats are easily neutralized when you’re a caring, informed pet parent. Together we can stand up for the rights of our pets.

What do you think?  Is your pet truly in danger?  Is this just some media ploy to support USA made products?  Do you have any personal experience with this?  We value your input and would love to hear from you!  Please comment below.  

What’s the “Freshness Rating” on your pet’s diet?

Posted on: Dec 18, 2012

Nutrition is the foundation of good health for our animal companions. The best diet for your dog or cat is not unlike the best diet for you – it consists of a variety of whole foods enhanced with vitamins and minerals, enzymes and supplements (when necessary) to promote optimal health, prevent disease or to address health issues.  Keep reading to find out what we think "Fresh" means in relation to your pet's nutrition plan and how you can leverage that to optimize your pet's life.

What’s the “Freshness Rating” on your pet’s diet?

Our animal companions are natural hunters and carnivores - just look at their ancestry. The dog at your feet (or on your sofa) has evolved from the wolf, and his digestive system is virtually the same despite thousands of years of domestication. They have very short intestinal tracts geared to the consumption and digestion of raw foods. The cat on your lap is a true or “obligate” carnivore (meat only diet) and is specially designed by nature to hunt small rodents and birds. Her digestive tract, as well, is intended to assimilate raw food best.

Commercially prepared kibble has become the standard diet for most pets in our culture. It is relatively cheap and quite convenient. Knowledgeable pet owners (and, many proactive knowledgable veterinarians) are becoming increasingly aware of the true nutritional needs of companion animals and are taking a proactive approach to nutrition by placing more importance on getting the highest quality ingredients and carefully controlled preparation than on cost and convenience.

At Dee-O-Gee we do our darndest to offer the healthiest options available for all lifestyles and feeding choices. Whatever food you choose to offer your pet, putting some thought into your decision now can produce big rewards over your pet's lifetime … and, most likely you will help him or her avoid serious and costly illnesses caused by poor nutrition and feeding practices.

So, what's the "Freshness Scale" thing all about?

When determining the best diet for your companion, there are two things to keep in mind: The fresher, the better, and rotation is optimal (we'll tackle "rotation" in a subsequent blog post).

First let’s discuss freshness.  Fresh food is full of life, literally. It contains natural enzymes, probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in their most natural state, making them more digestible and more easily assimilated. Heat is the number one enemy of nutrients in food. The fresher the food, the more "bioavailable" the nutrients in that food will be. This means that the antioxidants in the fruits and vegetables listed in the ingredients will be far more likely to be intact and digestible in raw food than in dry kibble or canned food, which are processed at high temperatures. This is also true for natural enzymes, probiotics, amino acids and vitamins and minerals in your pet's food.

The less heat-processed the food, the more likely it is that the nutrients will be preserved in their natural state by the time you feed it to your companion, and the more digestible those nutrients will be. So even if dry kibble is a part of your companion’s diet, adding fresher foods like fresh or frozen raw food & bones, or fresh cooked meat, freeze-dried or dehydrated foods, and even canned food can enhance the quality of his or her overall diet.

The Dee-O-Gee Freshness Scale:

  1. Frozen raw food diets

  2. Freeze-dried & dehydrated foods

  3. Canned foods

  4. Dry kibble

Ask us more about this the next time you are in … we love giving away FREE sample of Raw Frozen of freeze-dried food for your d-o-g (or, c-a-t) to try!

Thanks for reading!


P.S. We are switching to an electronic rewards system in 2013 ... please send us your email address so we can update our records and to ensure you will continue to get your rewards points FREE $20 coupons for Dee-O-Gee.  You can send your email address to

DOG for DOG at Dee-O-Gee!

Posted on: Nov 29, 2012

We are super excited to announce (after a long anticipated arrival) that the "2012 SuperZoo Product of the Year" is NOW AVAILABLE at Dee-O-Gee!

DOG for DOG is quickly becoming known as the "TOMS shoes for dogs".  It's very simple, for every DOG for DOG product you purchase at Dee-O-Gee, we give one to the needy (i.e. "lucky") dogs at Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter (HOV) in our hometown of Bozeman, MT.  

Read more below on how this works ... 


DOG for DOG at Dee-O-Gee!

"What are the DOG for DOG products?" you may be asking ... good question!  It's very simple, there are 2 products available ...

1) DOGSBUTTER ... an organic peanut butter for dogs (made in a USA human peanut butter facility, supplmented with flaxseed for skin & coat improvement).  Most people already give their dogs peanut butter as a treat at some time ... why not pick up some DOGSBUTTER (with flaxseed) instead, and then we'll give one to a dog awaiting a "forever home" at HOV.

2) DOGSBAR ... 2 flavors available (Peanut Butter or Blueberry).  These feel a lot like a "Cliff Bar" for humans ... dense organic goodness for your d-o-g! 

There are so many good things going on here ... helping support a company that makes their products in the USA (i.e American jobs), buying from a locally owned business started by local native Montanans (more on that here), and we are directly helping dogs at our local Animal Shelter at the same time! It's a WIN-WIN-WIN!

So, the next time you are in ... ask about DOG for DOG!  Really, we'll probably tell you about it anyway wink ... that's how excited we are!

Happy shopping this Christmas season!


Oh, help us spread the word about this ... feel free to share this with all of your other "socially aware, conscious of how we spend our dollars +  dog oriented" friends ... thanks in advance!

Read more about DOG for DOG here.

Dee-O-Gee gives to Montana Cancer Support Community

Posted on: Nov 26, 2012

And yet again, we are so amazed by our generous customers and vendors ... thanks to support from many of you, Dee-O-Gee was able to generate $738 in funds for donation to the Montana Cancer Support Community! 

We did a few different things to raise funds for "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" this past October.  We sold dog & human cookies in a "ribbon shape" (baked in our Bozeman, MT bakery) and we partnered up with the good folks at Petcurean Pet Nutrition to offer $6 from every bag of Petcurean (Now & Go) dog food sold in October.  

Resultantly - a $738 check will be hand-delivered this week to the Montana Cancer Support Community in Bozeman ... thanks so much for all of your help!

You can learn more about the Montana Cancer Support Community here:

Dee-O-Gee gives to Montana Cancer Support Community

Pounds 4 Hounds 2012

Posted on: Nov 15, 2012

<strong>Pounds 4 Hounds 2012!</strong> &ndash; donations can now be purchased online at!&nbsp; We are super excited to once again partner with 360 Pet Medical in Bozeman to help out needy families around the holidays.&nbsp; Dee-O-Gee is collecting donations that will in turn benefit Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter and Gallatin Valley Food Bank.&nbsp; To help with this effort, Dee-O-Gee will donate $20 for every bag of Canidae dog food purchased for Pounds 4 Hounds &hellip; so, the retail price of a 35# bag of Canidae is $45 &hellip; YOU contribute $25 and we&rsquo;ll throw in $20 to give a needy pet a bag of good, natural dog food this holiday season.&nbsp; NOW, you can do all of this online at &hellip; read below for details.</p>

Pounds 4 Hounds 2012

Here's how -

1) click here to navigate to the Canidae ALS dog food product page

2) add 1 bag of 35# Canidae (Chicken, Turkey, Lamb Fish) ALS to your cart

3) enter coupon code 'pounds4hounds' at checkout for a total of $25 in your shopping cart.  Please note, this discount code is only available for 35# Canidae ALS (Chicken, Turkey,  Lamb, Fish).

4) enter Dee-O-Gee's address for shipping: 801 W. Main 1A - Bozeman, MT - 59715

5) submit payment information

6) give yourself a virtual "scratch behind the ears" for helping out some needy pets this holiday season

7) tell your friends (you can even send them the link to this post) so that they can help too!

Have an idae about how to make Pounds 4 Hounds even better?  Send us a comment in the "comments section" below!

Thanks for all of your help on Pounds 4 Hounds 2012!!! 

Lots of licks!


Wellness Small Breed Recall ... be careful!

Posted on: Nov 14, 2012

The following information on the recall was provided by Wellness Pet Food...

"We have discovered that a small amount of our 12lb Small Breed Adult Health Dry Dog Food only with the “Best By” date of August 18, 2013 did not ... (keep reading for further details).

Wellness Small Breed Recall ... be careful!

 ... meet our high standards. A small batch of the product with this specific date code was found to be higher in moisture than our recipe calls for. High moisture may cause food to mold before its expiration date, but poses no health risk.

If you have your receipt and original packaging please return the food to your local retailer for a full refund or exchange.  If not, and you are able, we would like you to email us some form of proof of purchase (photo of product, sales receipt or photo of sku from the bag).  Please email all pictures and additional details to  We ask that you please to include your reference number located very bottom of this email in the subject heading of the email.  Once we receive this information, we will be more than happy to send you a coupon for a new 12lb bag.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.
If you have any additional questions or concerns we ask that you please call our Consumer Affairs Department at (800) 225-0904. Our representatives are available to assist you Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Time.
On behalf of our company, we value your patronage and thank you for your continued support of our Wellness products.  We look forward to continuing to provide you and your pet with only the best in animal nutrition.

Thanks again for contacting us.
Michelle Sullivan
Consumer Affairs"

The following info regarding this recall was provided by

"This picture above - provided by The Holistic Pet Center - is a returned bag of Wellness Small Breed Adult Dog Food.  You can clearly see clumps of moldy food inside the bag and what appears to be mold on the inside of the bag.  The pet store owner stated it was "worst bag of moldy dog food EVER!"
A pet owner shared concern that her bag of "Wellness Simple Solutions Lamb and Oatmeal had a decidedly musty, stale odor."

If you feed your dog or cat Wellness Pet Food, please pay close attention to the odor of the food.  If you have any questions if the food contains mold, please report this to Wellness.

If you are looking for other good kibble options for your Small Breed dog, please call Dee-O-Gee (406-551-2364) or email (  We really like the Small Breed formulas from Petcurean and Lotus and are happy to help answer any questions you may have. 

Thanks for reading!


Solutions for Picky Eaters

Posted on: Oct 22, 2012

Is you dog a picky eater?  Is there something wrong with your dog if they don't "wolf down" their food?  Answers to these (and, other questions below).  Click to keep reading.


Solutions for Picky Eaters

A client of ours recently asked us: "Is there something wrong when your dog doesn't wolf down his food? I mean,  they must call it 'wolfing down' for a reason; aren't dogs supposed to be ravenous feeders like they are in the wild?"

Our client had a point. When you think about how wolves in the wild eat, there's typically not a lot of hesitation before they dive in and devour their kill. After all, that's how they survive. And a lot of people say that a good appetite is a sign of a healthy dog.  Some dogs do indeed 'wolf' down their food and on occasion, even eat things they shouldn't. Some dogs (not unlike some humans) are naturally picky about what they'll eat.  And there's another whole group of dogs that has become finicky because of their owners' unintended actions.

Is your dog a picky eater? Sometimes it's a personality trait that dogs have their entire lives, and sometimes it's a relatively new development. Before we give you some pointers on how to help "fix" your finicky dog, let's look at these three things first:

1. Be sure there are no underlying medical issues. Consult your veterinarian about your dog's picky behavior, especially if there is vomiting and/or diarrhea or any other signs of illness present, weight loss, or if the problem has developed suddenly.

2. Check out the food you're feeding your pet. Is it high quality and nutritious? Does it contain wholesome protein sources instead of cheap non-nutritive fillers? It's only natural for a dog to reject inferior food. (It would be like a human eating very low-grade microwave dinners for every meal—eventually they'll get sick of it.) Also, check to ensure that food has not gone stale or rancid as this can also put off your dog's appetite.

3. Is there anything affecting his appetite for meals? Is your dog stealing food from another pet or trash can? Could a family member be slipping him extra treats or table scraps between meals? Anything that cuts down on his appetite at dinner time can affect whether he eats his regular food.

Surprisingly, how you respond to your dog's finicky eating habits can either help make them or break them.

What do YOU do when your pet refuses to eat? If you do what a lot of pet owners innocently do - pet her, coax her, even try to hand feed her - you're rewarding your dog with positive reinforcement.

Think about it... if your dog gets all that extra, loving attention for NOT eating, imagine what she's likely to do the next time you feed her!

We suggest you try this instead the next time your pet won't eat: Place the food in your dog's bowl and walk away. When your dog is hungry, her body will drive her to eat.

However, I'll be the first to admit that there are situations where this may not be the best approach. These include times when...

   * Your dog needs to consume a special diet that's less than appetizing
   * Your dog is growing older and is losing his sense of taste
   * Your dog is ill, undergoing therapy, or recovering from surgery and needs to eat for health reasons

We have found a great solution for these special situations and for when your pet is routinely picky. And here's what we like about it - this solution WON'T encourage your dog's finicky behavior. 

   * Add some "whole food toppers" to the dog's food routinely, but change up the flavor/style of the topper.  In this scenario, the kibble is a contsant and the "topper" rotates.  Now, by "whole food topper" we mean: raw, freeze-dried, canned or dehydrated whole food.  We really like this consistent/varied method to feeding your pet.  There are a slew of benefits of adding some whole food variety to your dog's diet, including: better digestion, decreased allergies, improved skin & coat, and lower incidences of "that" vet appointment.  This solution won't encourage your dog's finicky behavior b/c they are always wondering what is coming next in the bowl.  There is a consistency to the formula (the kibble) that most pet's appreciate, but there's also some variety that we believe is healthy for your dog.

Do you have any other suggestions or "at-home" methods that work for your finicky dog?  Please share by commenting on this post.

Thanks for reading!



What’s the deal with baked dog food?

Posted on: Oct 15, 2012

We at Dee-O-Gee are SUPER EXCITED to introduce Lotus Pet Foods to Montana!  Lotus is a baked kibble (opposed to an extruded kibble) and we are using this blog post to educate you a bit, on why "baked is better".  Keep reading for a few key points on Lotus and baked dog food kibble in general.

And, you can buy Lotus baked dog food kibble right here at  Click for the Adult, Senior or Grain-free formulas.

What’s the deal with baked dog food?

1. WHY IS BAKED DRY PET FOOD BETTER THAN EXTRUDED DRY PET FOOD? Because Lotus bakes their dog and cat foods, they are able to use up to twice as much fresh meat as extruded pet foods. Then, there’s better palatability – in one third-party study, Lotus Wholesome Duck Recipe fed 1½ times better as a first choice against the leading specialty dry duck formulas for dogs. And they do it all without any added flavors or sprayed on fats (you can feel the difference - Lotus is not greasy like most extruded foods).

Baked foods are cooked at 1 atmospheric pressure slowly cooking and browning each piece of Lotus. Extruders cook food at 2 to 3 times atmospheric pressure using steam. Extruded kibble gets its puffy appearance from being cooked at such high pressure, then being released back into normal atmospheric pressure after cooking.This is cooking from the inside out (think microwave).

Oven-baked Lotus retains 100% of its vitamins. Average extruded dog and cat foods typically lose an average of 40% of their vitamins. This means that all of Lotus' fresh fruits and vegetables still provide all of those wonderful antioxidants to keep your best friend's cells healthy. Lotus even retained 100% of its proteins compared to extruded foods that typically lose 20% during drying the drying process.

Feed less! A bag of Lotus lasts 20% longer. This is because a cup of Lotus wieghs only 4oz and many extruded foods weigh an average of 6oz.  Slow oven-baking takes about 3 times as long, but we think all the benefits are worth it.

2. WHY DO SOME OF THE LOTUS KIBBLE PIECES LOOK LIKE THEY HAVE GRILL MARKS ON THEM?  Lotus dry foods are baked in real ovens, like the one you have at home. So, of course, there will be some browning from the oven. The Lotus kibbles come out shaped slightly different from each other—the same way homemade cookies are never perfectly round.

3. WHERE DOES LOTUS SOURCE ALL OF THEIR INGREDIENTS?  All ingredients are sourced in North America (USA and Canada). There are three North America exceptions on their ingredient lists: New Zealand Green Mussel, Deboned Lamb and Lamb Meal – all these great ingredients come from New Zealand.

4. ARE WHOLE GRAINS BENEFICIAL FOR PETS?  Lotus uses whole grains because of the many nutritional benefits they provide. For example, brown rice provides vitamin E to help maintain healthy cells. Brown rice also supplies insoluble fiber which becomes food for the good bacteria in your pet’s large intestine.

In fact, their brown rice is actually more expensive than chicken meal because it’s the same brown rice you’d cook at home. Although chicken meal is a nutritious ingredient, it’s not used in the household kitchen. Rye is another whole grain, but this one has the highest concentration of lignans, antioxidant like compounds that help keep cells healthy. Barley and oatmeal are a great source of B vitamins, as well as insoluble fiber, which can help feed good bacteria in the large intestine.

5. WHAT MAKES THE OIL BLEND IN LOTUS SO GOOD FOR MY PET’S SKIN AND COAT?  They selected three special oils for our dog food, each with their own amazing benefits. We chose soy oil because it is a good source of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids in the form of Alpha Linolenic Acid. We chose olive oil because it’s a rich source linoleic acid (omega-6). And we added salmon oil because it’s rich in two omega-3 fatty acids – DHA and EPA. DHA has been shown to improve learning in puppies whose mothers were fed a diet containing DHA. All Lotus cat recipes contain chicken fat as well because cats have an increased need for fat, as compared to dogs.

6. HOW DO I KNOW THAT LOTUS IS REALLY ETHOXYQUIN FREE?  Lotus only purchases proteins that are specified by the manufacturer to be preserved with vitamin E, citric acid, and rosemary. This means all of the Lotus fish, fish meal, chicken, chicken meal, lamb, lamb meal, duck, and duck meal are all naturally preserved. They do this even though they could claim their food is natural by just adding a natural preservative to the food and not worrying about how our proteins are preserved. They feel it’s necessary to go the extra mile and commit to never buying proteins that are preserved with things like Ethoxyquin, BHT, or BHA even though they are cheaper.

You can also buy Lotus baked dog food kibble right here at  Click for the Adult, Senior or Grain-free formulas.

What do you think?  Is a baked kibble something you would consider for your d-o-g?  Do you already feed a baked kibble for your pets?  Please comment below and share with our d-o-g community.  Thanks for reading!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Dee-O-Gee!

Posted on: Oct 09, 2012

Did you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month?!?   Well, we do ... and, we are excited to leverage our little "dog store" to help those fighting breast cancer ... will you help us?

Keep reading to learn how Dee-O-Gee is going to help (and, you can help too!) this October.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Dee-O-Gee!

1) $6.00 from every bag of Petcurean dog & cat food sold ($3 for the small bags) will be donated directly to the Montana Cancer Support Center (MCSC)

2) "Pink Ribbon" treats! Holly has crafted some great treats (there's a "dog" version and a "human" version) that we are offering for $3, with all proceeds going toward the MCSC

3) Holly's Heaven Bars - Holly has generously baked up some of her famous home-made granola bars, offered at $3, with all proceeds going toward the MCSC.  You have got to try these things ... they are amazing!

Will you partner with us and purchase a few things for those battling cancer?  At Dee-O-Gee, we have been directly affected by cancer in our families.  It is a brutal process, on a number of levels, for all parties involved.  Please help us raise some support and awareness ... thanks!

ALSO - Aspire Salon (directly behind us at Dee-O-Gee, 8th & Main in Bozeman) is doing a TON of stuff for Breast Cancer Month too.  Check them out, the next time you are in to see us!


Dee-O-Gee Dog Day1 video

Posted on: Oct 05, 2012

Our first TV commercial ... what do you think?!?!

Orijen Dog Food Supply Issues

Posted on: Oct 03, 2012

Greetings Loyal Dee-O-Gee'ers!

We recently found out some tough news about Champion Pet Foods (makers of the very popular Orijen and Acana lines of pet food).  Champion recently suffered a major fire in one of their two ovens.  So, their production of Orijen will be significantly impacted … and, resultantly, our supply of Orijen at Dee-O-Gee will be significantly impacted.

So, what exactly does "significant impacted supply" mean?

  1. No production of 15# bags or 1# samples of Orijen or Acana for up to 6 months (we currently, as of 10/3/12, have a few 15# bags of all Orijen flavors available)
  2. Limited supply of Orijen Regional Red formula and Orijen 6 Fish formula at Dee-O-Gee
  3. Very limited supply of Orijen 6 Fish Cat formula

What are we going to do about it?

  1. We have added 3 flavors of the Acana line from Champion.  The fire was actually in the Orijen oven, so the Acana supply will be less impacted.  Please look for the Ranchlands, Grasslands or Chicken & Burbank Potato varieties the next time you are in.
  2. We made a really big order of Orijen yesterday so that we have (hopefully) enough back stock to last us awhile.
  3. We stocked up on Orijen Cat & Kitten formula to make up for the lack of 6 Fish Cat supply

Please let us know if you have further questions about this!  Thanks for your patronage!


Orijen Dog Food Supply Issues

Why We Built It

Posted on: Oct 02, 2012

The following post was featured on the American Small Business Movement site in October of 2012.  It details why we started our business and some of the principals we try to operate our company with.  Enjoy!

Why We Built It

Josh & Holly Allen started Dee-O-Gee in the summer of 2008 in Bozeman, MT. 

We started our business at the precipice of an economic meltdown in the US (ya, great timing, we know).  A series of frustrating jobs for both us eventually gave way to a strong desire to "be our own boss".  At this point in our lives, we felt motivated and called to something that was a bit bigger than we could do on our own … and, Holly had experience in the pet industry as a veterinary technician in our town.  Even though we had little practical experience with owning our own business (outside of witnessing our parents and grandparents own/operate successful small businesses), we felt led to pursue our own "venture" … and, when analyzing industry statistics and demographics, the pet industry seemed resilient and full of potential … especially in the town in which we reside, very often referred to as "a really great dog town"; recently ranked as the "#2 dog town in America" by Dog Fancy magazine.

So, what exactly is Dee-O-Gee and what do we do? 

Good question! … A little bit about us at Dee-O-Gee - Our business is all about dogs!  We offer all-natural dog food, grooming, unique retail products, treats, collars & leashes, etc. We even have a few things for cats smile  Bozeman, MT is often ranked as one of the best "dog towns" in the USA.  We are 1 hour north of Yellowstone National Park, have a solid local customer base with the added benefit of summer and winter (3 close ski resorts) tourism.  Our business is largely focused on natural products for dogs & cats, offering the maximum "made in the USA" products we can.

How did we get it started? 

I guess you could say we started like other young, naive couples might start a business. We had a vision of what we wanted to do with our potential business (by the way, we spent about 2 years refining this vision before we did anything with it) and we were passionate about the future potential for the niche in which we envisioned us "fitting". Then, we approached some family members with our vision, maxed out some personal credit cards to purchase our initial inventory (which were our primary priority in choosing which debt to pay down first, after we started bringing in some $), used the funds from family investment/personal savings for Tenant Improvements in our rented space and operating capital for the first months of "in the red" operations.

Guiding Principles

We did all of these things as the local Real Estate market began to collapse (the worst area of collapse in our state, by far) and the national unemployment rates were the highest in a generation. Why did we continue to pursue our vision in the midst of this mess? Good question. We have a few strategic Guiding Principles for which we opened our business, which we still live and operate by today.

  1. Employ like-minded, dog loving folks in a job market that is generally over-qualified and over-saturated (we live in a place where plenty of college educated folks like to live & recreate) in such a way that enables them to successfully live in the highest "cost of living" region in our state. We were both employees once, and we value the experiences (and, income) we gained from being employees. We hope to pass those things on to our wonderful staff members.
  2. Provide unique products for dogs (and, cats) and their people …enabling the utmost in care and provision for pets. We feel as if we are called to take great care of the animals in our world (as part of caring for our planet) and, through this, we hope to enhance the experience that people have with their pets.
  3. Give. We strongly support our local animal shelter, donate to numerous non-profits in our region, and 10% of all profits annually goes to our church, through which we help with orphan and clean water initiatives in Ethiopia.
In summary, we have been fortunate and prospered in such a way that our business is still open, and growing, in the midst of economic turmoil at the outset of our company. We have been very blessed with wonderful, loyal staff members. Our community is openly grounded in supporting local, independently owned businesses, instead of making the drive to the local box store. All of those things (and, lots of prayer) have enabled us to hold to our Guiding Principles and begin to consider various expansion options in the future.

Yes, we built it (with lots of planning, prayer and some good luck along the way) and we couldn't imagine doing it any other way!

Food for Friends 2012 - Results

Posted on: Aug 30, 2012

Many thanks for all your support on "spreading the word" on our 2012 "Food for Friends" drive!  We totaled 102 new fans on the Dee-O-Gee Facebook page … and, we pledged to donate 1 lb of dog food for every new fan … so, 102 lbs total.  Well, we weren't quite satisfied with that amount so we decided to TRIPLE IT!  We've just loaded up the truck full of all-natural good-ness for the dogs & cats at HOV awaiting their "forever home" … at least they'll have some good stuff to eat while they wait!

Thanks again for all of your wonderful support of local businesses in Bozeman, MT and for your great support of our local animal shelter - Heart of the Valley … yeah!



Food for Friends 2012 - Results

Get a Jump on Joint Health!

Posted on: Aug 28, 2012

It's NOT too soon, and it's NEVER too late!

Healthy joints contribute to the quality of life and longevity of any dog or cat.  While some joint deterioration is inevitable as your dog or cat ages, there are steps you can take to delay and even prevent joint issues.  Keep reading to learn more about joint degeneration and joint care options for your pet.

Get a Jump on Joint Health!

What causes joint issues?
In healthy conditions, cartilage and synovial fluid - the natural joint building blocks - reduce friction and act as a shock absorber.  The body makes these joint building blocks naturally by building GAGs (glucosamine, Chondroitin and hyaluronic acid).  With age, injury, repeated stress from activity or joint disorders, cartilage may wear or become damaged and joints may not have adequate amounts of synovial fluid.  The resulting decrease in cushioning may result in pain and arthritis.

The Good News
The good news - there's a lot you can do to foster joint health in your d-o-g.  Giving your dog or cat supplements and taking other safe, simple steps can protect and help promote the rebuilding of cartilage, reduce pain and improve mobility. 

Diet & Exercise
The most important thing you can do to foster joint health for your dog or cat is to keep a lean body weight.  This is best achieved with regular exercise and by feeding a natural diet with high quality ingredients customized for breed, age and activity level.  Overweight dogs and cats are more prone to joint issues, since the added weight increases joint stress.  Not enough exercise compounds this because it leads to muscular atrophy and weakness.  Strong muscles help keep ligaments and tissue around joints in place.

Supplements can do a remarkable job rebuilding and protecting cartilage, especially in breeds that are prone to joint disease.  Glucosamine promotes the formation of new cartilage while Chondroitin can prevent further damage to existing tissue and reduce painful inflammation.  Other beneficial ingredients that can increase the uptake of Glucosamine and Chondroitin include: MSM, Ester-C, Hyaluronic Acid, Green Lipped Mussels, EFAs (such as those found in Salmon Oil) and plant extracts such as Boswellia, turmeric and Devil's Claw.

How to tell if your dog or cat has joint pain
Animals are stoic, resilient creatures - so, it may be hard to tell if your dog or cat has joint pain.  Look for these symptoms in dogs:

   * stiffness (especially after a rest period)
   * difficulty getting up, climbing stairs or jumping up

   * reluctance to exercise
   * stopping often on walks

You may also notice behavioral changes, such as signs of resistance when they are required to move quickly or tenderness when touched near affected areas.

Certain breeds are more predisposed to joint issues.  Large Breed dogs (such as Newfoundlands, Danes and German Shepherds), medium-sized dogs (such as Bulldogs), and long-backed breeds (such as Dachshunds and Bassets) all have greater chance of developing joint problems. Senior and overweight cats are also prone to joint issues.  They might stop jumping, avoid higher perches, reduce their grooming (painful twisting & turning) and develop long or overgrown toenails. 

How to prevent or delay the onset of joint disorders & provide relief from pain:

   * Healthy diet to maintain a lean, appropriate weight
   * Regular and appropriate exercise (a daily 15-20 minute brisk walk or play-time for dogs; a daily 15 minute play period for cats)
   * Joint supplements to improve & prolong mobility
   * Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) to reduce inflammation
   * Elevated water & feeding dishes
   * Massage to help circulation
   * Jacket or sweater to increase body temperature & blood flow in the colder months

Fine Print: Dee-O-Gee staff people are well educated and our writing is well researched, but neither the advice of a Dee-O-Gee staffer nor reading Dee-O-Gee written materials can substitute for visiting your local veterinarian.  We offer carefully chosen, natural solutions, but we believe that veterinary conditions should be diagnosed and treated by professionals.

Public Raw Nutrition Seminar at Dee-O-Gee - Wednesday, August 22nd!

Posted on: Aug 13, 2012

Have you ever wondered ...

"Why in the world" would someone feed their pet raw food?  

Isn't cooking the food supposed to make it safer?  

Raw food is gross, are there other options that aren't kibble?

Is a wolf really all that similar to my little chihuahua?

Answers to questions like these (plus, any other questions you may have) can be found at Dee-O-Gee on Wednesday, August 22nd from 4:00-5:00pm.    Daryl Rosenberg from Stella & Chewy's will be with us to educate Bozeman on the benefits, myths and options involved with feeding our pets a raw, uncooked diet.  Please bring your questions and try to stump Daryl!  

Best of all, it's FREE and we'll be giving away some FREE stuff!  Tell your friends!


Public Raw Nutrition Seminar at Dee-O-Gee - Wednesday, August 22nd!

Dogs Gotta Chew! - Tips for selecting the right chew for your d-o-g

Posted on: Jul 25, 2012

In addition to being fun, chewing helps puppies and dogs keep their teeth and gums healthy.  Safe chews and toys can keep plaque from accumulating on the teeth, along the gum line - thereby preventing the dreaded "bad breath". Chewing also alleviates boredom, loneliness and stress.   Regular access to chew toys and treats can keep dogs from destroying shoes, furniture and other inappropriate things.  Read further for info and tips on selecting the appropriate chew for your d-o-g.

Dogs Gotta Chew! - Tips for selecting the right chew for your d-o-g

What is the Correct Chew for my d-o-g?
There are basic principles for giving chews to a dog, no matter his age, size or type of chewer he is.  As always at Dee-O-Gee, we STRONGLY encourage chews that are free of corn, soy or chemically altered ingredients (i.e. flavoring, etc).  Note, for the purposes of this article, we are assuming the term "chew" as a product the dog chews on for a period of time.  The intent of the "chew" is that the dog would gnaw it, slowing digesting it.  All chews should be 100% digestible. 

Watch a dog or puppy the first time she gets anything new to chew.  If she can tear the chew apart, crack off chunks or seems to be going through it too fast, take it away from her.  This is an indication that this chew my not be right for her.  If the dog chews through the product too quickly and digests it, then it should be considered a treat (remember, all chews should be 100% digestible).  If, however, she gnaws the ends of the chew, gradually wearing it down, the chew may be a good match.

Match the size of the chew to the size of the dog's mouth, teeth and throat.  A dog needs to be able to get his teeth around the chew, carry it and hold it between his paws.  Large dogs need chews that are beg enough for them to enjoy for a while without the risk of swallowing them whole.  In general, the bigger the chew the better.

Dogs come in all sizes, but when it comes to chewing behaviors, size can be deceiving. While little dogs are often more ferocious chewers than large dogs, even a large dog that chews softly can get into trouble with a chew that's too small.  When a dog wears down her chew to a size that she could accidentally swallow, replace it.

Match the hardness of the chew with the strength of the dog's jaw.  If a dog always chews aggressively (you know these dogs, right?!), look for chews meant to be easily digested, or for hard chews that won't splinter, fracture or tear.

A Field Guide to Various Types of Chews
Raw Bones. One of the most effective types of chews for cleaning teeth.  The natural enzymes and texture of the bone can help to break down plaque and tartar.  Raw bones should be introduced carefully to avoid digestive upset, especially with dogs that are unfamiliar with raw foods.

Cooked Bones. These are best for dogs that are less aggressive chewers.  The cooking process can make bones brittle and slightly more prone to shattering or chipping.  Bones from joints, often called knuckles, are stronger than slender bones.

Natural Vegetables. Dehydrated or dried forms of vegetables (often sweet potatoes) make hard, chewy, nutritious treats and chews.  Additionally, the irregular shape of a dried vegetable will rub against a dog's gum line, providing a natural "flossing" mechanism as the dog chews.  They're appropriate and digestible for most dogs … and, some of our staff favorites at Dee-O-Gee!

Pressed Protein Chews.  These are mostly made of cereal glutens (grains) and come in a variety of sizes and types.  Most are targeted at some specialty area (touchy digestion, tartar build up, etc … think, Greenies).  We tend to shy away from these artificially made chews, as most of them are filled with some type of filler ingredient that most dogs have a hard time digesting.  Please proceed with caution here.

Rawhides.  Warning - please stay away!  Rawhides come in a variety of shapes, sizes, flavors and colors.  Basically, this is a ground up or stretched cow hide that is dehydrated and pressed into a specific shape.  There is a really great risk of chunks that are swallowed rehydrating and swelling in the digestive tract.  Plus, rawhides are generally flavored with some form of artificial chemical.  Please be very diligent if you choose to give your dog a rawhide … make sure you know what the ingredients are (read the label thoroughly, with a skeptical eye) and please pay close attention to your dog, even for a few hours after the rawhide chew has been removed. 

Treat parts. These are made from animal parts not normally eaten by humans … tendons, ears, puzzles, snouts, etc.  Parts that are stuffed are softer than parts that are smoked or dried.  This is the category of the "bully stick", one of the most popular chews at Dee-O-Gee.  Puffed ears that are softer seem to work well for puppies or senior dogs with sensitive mouths. 

Inedible chews. Made of natural rubber, nylon or cotton rope and other materials.  All sizes and shapes are available.  Please pay attention to country of manufacture, artificial colors and warranty info.  

Teeth in Comparison
  Dog Cat Human Elephant Opossum*
Incisor 12 12 8 2 (tusks) 18
Canines 4 4 4 0 4
Premolars 16 10 8 0 12
Molars 10 4 12 4** 16

*Opossums have the most teeth of any land mammal

**Elephants get 6 sets of molars in a lifetime, but only have 4 molars at any one time

What are the Risks
Depending on the dog, any chew can cause problems.  It's normal and necessary behavior for dogs to chew and gnaw, and not uncommon that they sometimes swallow pieces of what they're chewing on.  The chews and treats that we offer at Dee-O-Gee are the best we can find (and, we do a lot of searching!), but not every chew is best for every dog.  When evaluating a chew or toy, it's fun to imagine a dog's pleasure with it.  Still, it's good to consider the possible risks:
  ~ Digestive upset from swallowing pieces of indigestible materials (i.e. rawhides)
  ~ Intestinal blockage, a life-threatening condition caused by swallowing something too large to pass through the digestive tract
  ~ Choking, blocked airway and potential suffocation from a treat or toy stuck in the throat
  ~ Fractured teeth, from aggressively chewing things that are too hard

Learn more about the dangers of Rawhide chews on "The Bark" here.

Teeth matter!  Taking care of dogs' and cats' teeth and gums can actually contribute to extending their lifespans.  When plaque and tartar cause infection and bleeding gums, harmful bacteria can enter the bloodstream and can gradually damage the heart, kidneys and liver.

The Right Foods for Healthy Mouths
Bad breath and periodontal disease result from a buildup of calcium salts, food, hair and bacteria on a dog or cat's teeth and gums.  To keep dogs' and cats' breath sweet and their mouths healthy, start with good nutrition.

The right food helps maintain a health saliva pH that is acidic enough to keep plaque, tartar and bacteria from building up.  Chewing helps dogs and cats keep their teeth and gums healthy.  Offer a dog raw bones (or, cooked bones if appropriate for your dog), hard dehydrated vegetables, or all-natural "treat parts". 

Please consult a veterinarian whenever questions arise about a dog's health, especially if you suspect that the dog might be suffering from a problem caused by a toy or treat.

As always, thanks for reading! Cheers!


Dogblog Giveaway: win FREE STUFF! July 2012 photo challenge

Posted on: Jul 13, 2012

Do you have a sweet pic of your dog/s doing something awesome outside this summer?  Yes?  Well, you could win some sweet Dee-O-Gee "schwag" (see blog image for this post) this month on the dogblog giveaway!  See the image on this post for a really good example pic from one of our local Bozeman d-o-g lovers!

What to do: post a unique picture of your dog doing something summery on the Dee-O-Gee Facebook wall ... that's it!  If you want, you could tell us why your picture should win by commenting on your own picture smiley

What you'll win (see image at bottom of post):

~ $20 Dee-O-Gee gift card

~ Dee-O-Gee shirt

~ Dee-O-Gee pint glass

~ Dee-O-Gee "my dog digs" sticker

~ 3.5oz box of Honest Kitchen dehydrated dog food (all HK is 20% off at Dee-O-Gee in July! - read about that here)

How we decide: it's really easy on you this month - we'll pick it, just make yours a really good picture so we have to pick yourswink

That's it ... wanna win some free stuff?  Then let's get some dog pics up on the Dee-O-Gee FB wall.  Thanks for "playing"!

Fine print - pictures must be posted by Friday, July 20th at midnight for consideration.  Winner will be announced the following week.  

Dogblog Giveaway: win FREE STUFF! July 2012 photo challenge

Honest Kitchen 20% OFF SALE!

Posted on: Jul 13, 2012

Did you know that all Honest Kitchen products are 20% OFF for the month of July!?!  Did you know how sweet those products are?  Check out the graphic to the left for the many different uses of this amazing dehydrated dog food (learn more about dehydrated dog food here).  

Are you a camper during the summer?  HK is perfect!

Are you a "home cooker" for your dog?  HK is a perfect compliment to that!

Do you feed your dog canned food?  HK works for that too (and, it's often cheeper and fresher!).

Picky eater?  HK is great as a kibble topper!

Ask us about  the many ways you can use Honest Kitchen during your next visit at Dee-O-Gee.  Online customers can use coupon code "HK20" at checkout to receive their 20% off. 



Honest Kitchen 20% OFF SALE!

How we choose the foods we carry

Posted on: Jul 09, 2012

At Dee-O-Gee, we choose foods from the more than 5,000 premium dog and cat foods available in the marketplace.  Over the last 5 years, we’ve practiced an approach that helps us rigorously evaluate the nutrition options available for your pet.  We’re also committed to finding and sharing the facts.  We take seriously our responsibility to understand and share truthful information about dog and cat food, from manufacturing practices and labeling laws to the unique nutritional requirements of our dogs & cats.  Click to read more about how/why we choose the foods we carry ... food that we feel comfortable selling you to feed your furry family members!

How we choose the foods we carry

Dee-O-Gee chooses foods with the goal of offering meaningful variety and the best possible nutritional options for dogs & cats.  Not only do we research the products, but also the companies that make the food we carry.  We choose companies whose primary bottom line is your pet and the ingredients in their product (not large national corporations that report to share holders).

Why We Research Dog & Cat Foods

100% complete nutrition is a term found on dog & cat food labels.  It means that a food meets a certain amount of nutritional standards set forth by the National Research Council (NRC) and the American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).  But, this labeling DOES NOT guarantee that a food is made from healthy ingredients, that its nutrients are digestible and bio-available (i.e. not artificially made), or that it will provide your dog or cat with the correct, needed nutrition.  That’s why we spend so much time researching different dog & cat foods - because minimal nutrition standards (the norm that low-quality, national pet food companies hold to) aren’t enough to keep dogs & cats (i.e. family) as strong and healthy as they can be.  Whether your favorite furry family member is a 3 lb chihuahua or a 120 lb great dane we’ve got you covered ... thriving, puppy through senior.

Many of the common “ailments” pets experience (dry skin, dull coats, allergies, gassy stomachs) are related to substandard food and inconsistent formulas with too many fillers and low-quality ingredients.

What We Look For

Ingredients: We look at the quality and digestibility of the ingredients specific to the biology of the dog & cat, including sources of the nutrients.  All ingredients in the foods we carry have a sound nutritional reason for being there.  We refuse to stock foods that have any filler ingredients (i.e. corn, soy, byproduct meal, etc) and we shy away from companies that stock their foods at national chains (frankly, we don’t trust themwink).

Manufacturing: Whenever possible, Dee-O-Gee staff visits the manufacturing plants of the foods we carry.  We prefer to stock products from companies that make their own foods in their own plant (rather than contracting a larger plant).  They tend to have on-site testing labs and a higher degree of quality control, which affects everything from the integrity of the ingredients to batch consistency.

People we know and trust: Did you know there are more than 10 agencies that regulate the pet food industry, yet NONE of them can actually guarantee that what is on the label is actually in the bag?!?! Labeling laws are amorphous and loosely written.  Resultantly, you have to know and trust the people that make your pet food.  We prefer to work with the integrous people who care about the quality of the food they make, stand behind it, and are committed to the independent pet store channel. The companies we offer at Dee-O-Gee have a reputation for excellence and are forthright and honest in their communication.

Environment and social contributions: We feel as if we are called to take excellent care of our pets AND the planet we have been blessed to inhabit.  So, we also look at companies that do business and buy from suppliers that work in “planet-friendly” ways.  We search for and are advocates of organic ingredients, local suppliers, and companies that contribute to the well-being of dogs & cats and the people that take good care of them.

Wanna learn more about the individual foods we carry?  Click here and dig through the "eat" page. Cheers!

Food for Friends 2012

Posted on: Jun 28, 2012

UPDATE! - July 12, 2012 - We've "upped the ante" on our Food for Friends drive.  Now, 2 lucky new "likers" of the Dee-O-Gee FB page will get a FREE $50 gift card to Dee-O-Gee!  That's right, we'll randomly pick 2 from all the new "likers" on the Dee-O-Gee FB page in the month of July and each will get a FREE $50 Dee-O-Gee gift card!  Read original announcement below ... let's get some good food for those needy dogs & cats at HOV!

Let's get some dog (and, cat) food donated to Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter (HOV)!  For every new "like" or "friend" that our Dee-O-Gee Facebook page gets in the month of July, we'll donate 1 lb of all-natural dog food (i.e. the "good stuff") to the pets at HOV in Bozeman, MT that are patiently awaiting their "forever home".

Spread the word please ... tell your friends (or, anyone else you know that loves dogs & cats)!

Learn more about the stellar work going on at Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter in Bozeman by clicking here.

Wonder how we choose the foods we carry at Dee-O-Gee?  Read more about that by clicking here.

Food for Friends 2012

June 2012 DOGBLOG giveaway - FREE STUFF!

Posted on: Jun 13, 2012

No need to be super smart or look up some random dog fact on Wikipedia to win this month's Dee-O-Gee dogblog giveaway … all you gotta do is be creative!  We are gonna use Facebook (FB) to determine the winner this month, in a truly "democratic"-ish way. wink

So, what do you have to do to win?  Simply comment on the picture that is posted on the Dee-O-Gee FB wall titled "Dee-O-Gee dogblog giveaway June 2012" with a creative caption.  The picture is the one with the dog + port-a-pottie.  Then, you need to tell your friends to "like" (i.e. click on the little "thumbs up" icon next to your comment) your caption.  Make sense?  If not, send an email to for clarification.

What do you win?  Great question - well, it's pretty much summer here in Bozeman, MT and we thought it would be nice for you to prevent some of those nasty brown grass "urine spots" in your yard, as well as protect your pet from fleas and give them a treat for being your best buddy!  So, you'll get the following:

~ Green Grass protecant ... these are treats that you can give your d-o-g, one per day through the summer

~ All-natural Flea & Tick Preventative Spray

Freeze-dried treats from Stella & Chewy's

You can see the accompanying picture of all the "Dee-O-Gee stuff" that your d-o-g will get if your "caption" for the dog + port-a-pottie picture gets the most "likes" (and, you can follow Dee-O-Gee on Instagram: ta boot!).

Good luck and get creative!  Remember, tell your friends to go to the Dee-O-Gee FB page and "like" your caption ... the most "likes" wins!


The fine print: deadline is at the end of this coming weekend, Sunday June 17th at midnight.  Tell your friends to like your "caption" ... be proactive, go for it!  Out-of-Bozeman contestants are eligible, but agree to pay $5 for shipping to get all of your FREE stuff to you.

June 2012 DOGBLOG giveaway - FREE STUFF!

3 Healthy-weight Tips for your D-O-G

Posted on: Jun 01, 2012

We're all aware of the benefits of exercise and healthy, balanced meals. Doctors have been telling us for years how important these things are for a long and happy life. A moderate amount of activity each day coupled with a nutritious blend of plant nutrients, lean proteins, and whole grain carbohydrates can help us get in shape and stay lean and mean well into our later years. And what's true for us is true for our dogs.  Keep reading for 3 Nutrition Tips that your d-o-g will thank you for!

3 Healthy-weight Tips for your D-O-G

While most of us understand the difference between a carrot and candy bar, our dogs can't. They can't choose the food they eat or when they go outside. They depend on us to shape their lifestyles, and it's not always easy for us to determine how much is enough when it comes to finding a balance. So how can you tell if your dog is more than just a little chunky? It's important to know, because extra weight means more than just a spare tire - it means increased health risks too.

Tip #1: Check your dog's shape to ensure proper weight.  First, look down at him from directly above. Do you see contours in his sides around the rib area, or is he streamlined - narrow at the front and wider in the center like a fish? If you don't see indentations at the ribs and hips, your dogs could stand to lose a few pounds. If you can see distinct ribs, he may be too skinny and need some extra calories. Now feel your dog's ribcage with your hands. If you can feel his ribs without pressing, that's a good sign. If you have to press to find ribs, or can't find them at all, that's not so good.  A dog in great physical shape will have ribs that are identifiable to the touch, but not necessarily visible to the eyes.  
If your dog is on the chubby side, it's time to make some changes.

Tip #2: Include some physical activity in your daily routine. A good way to do this is to get out for a walk every day. Even a short one will make a difference.

Tip #3: Make sure your dog food is nutritionally balanced (not all commercial dog foods are), and (if losing weight is a goal for your dog) eliminate most snacks and treats (especially when they're sugary processed “people food”). Remember, dogs are much smaller than we are. A bite of food for us equates to several bites for them, and the additional calories can add up. 

Here's a bit more info on our nutrition products at Dee-O-Gee.  We believe so much about this topic that we even had a "Weight Loss Challenge" directed specifically at helping dogs lose weight.  You can read more about it by clicking here.

As always, thanks for reading!  

Until next time, 


Do you know why dogs go nuts over squeakers?

Posted on: May 16, 2012

What is one of the most common things our customers tell us when asked, "What kind of toy does your dog like?" ... Squeakers!  So, what is it about a squeaky toy that dogs find so appealing? Keep reading to find out ... 

Do you know why dogs go nuts over squeakers?

It all comes down to instinct. The excitement your dog feels when he plays with a squeaky toy is related to his wolf ancestry - it goes back to a time when wild dogs had to hunt and kill prey to survive.  Hunting is just a natural part of being a dog ... no matter what the size, their genetic code is the same on this level.  In today's world, we have domesticated our dogs to an extent where they no longer have to hunt to survive ... a pretty good deal for the dog, in our opinion! Ancesstrally, the squeaky noises of prey animals would help dogs locate their next meal - and the noises the prey animals made during the kill were very satisfying to a hungry dog.

"Hunting" a squeaky toy gives your dog the same type of satisfaction. It’s a safe way for your dog to give his natural instincts a good workout. And the more the toy squeaks, the more excited your dog becomes.  That's why so many dogs will try to "kill" the toy by destroying it and pulling out the squeaker.  A good squeaky toy can provide lots of fun play and mental stimulation for your dog. It’s one of the reasons why they are an all-time favorite. 

When you purchase a squeaky toy for your dog, you always need to put safety first.  Make sure the toy does not have a lot of pieces that can be chewed off and swallowed. Look for features (eyes, nose, etc.) that are embroidered onto the toy; ones that are attached via buttons or stitches can be pulled off. Also, once your dog chews through the toy, he could swallow the squeaker or the fiberfill stuffing inside.  This can be very dangerous and result in a trip to the emergency room.  That's why it is so important to supervise your dog's play.

We have a number of squeaky toys at Dee-O-Gee that our customers really love.  You can find our toys online (here) ... or, we have an even larger selection in our Bozeman, Montana dog store.  

Thanks for reading ... until next time,


So, what does Jericho eat?

Posted on: May 15, 2012

A really common question we get ... "What kind of food do you feed the Dee-O-Gee "shop dog", Jericho?  It's a really good question ... so, we'll answer it in the following.  Jericho (a 10 lb papillon rescue dog) has some interesting health concerns.  His specific nutrition plan is detailed below ... keep reading.  That picure is of Jericho on a hike last weekend ... great pic huh?

So, what does Jericho eat?

For the short version of what you will see below, we've created a snappy little how-to guide on ... get it?... snappy little guide on Snapguide ... sometimes it's good to make yourself laugh!

As some of you know, Jericho has what's called Addison's disease.  Addison's disease usually strikes on female, senior and large breed dogs.  Jericho is a small dog, male, and pretty young at the time he acquired Addison's … go figure!  Because of the Addison's, he is relegated to monthly steriod injections (he's currently doing good without the daily oral steroids, but we've done those in the past too).  The steriods make him a little prone to weight gain, so we have some Senior/Wt Management dog food in the mix, even though he's not considered a "senior" yet, nor is he overweight. 

So, here's what we have chosen for Jericho's nutrition … and, some reasons why.  These may not be the perfect option/s for your dog … but, they work great for Jericho.

Kibble (50/50 mix): 50% Petcurean Now! Senior/Wt Management Formula, 50% Petcurean Now! Small Breed Formula.  This equates to 1/8 cup Senior and 1/8 cup Small Breed per meal … 1/4 cup total.

Freeze Dried: Stella & Chewy's Dandy Lamb Dinner or Duck Duck Goose Dinner.  We add some Freeze-dried patties (1/3 patty per meal) b/c we believe in the unique benefits of feeding raw ingredients to your dog (read more on that here).  The freeze-drying process that Stella & Chewy's uses has changed the pet food industry (i.e. other companies are copying their methods) … plus, they're the only company we have found that publicly posts the results to their quality control testing on their website.

Supplements: Joint Mobility from Wholistic Pet Organics.  This stuff has made Jericho act like a crazy puppy again!  After starting Joint Mobility, we found Jericho playing more frequently with our 2 year old son, as well as looking forward to his meals more, navigating the stair way in our house with more confidence, etc.  We also use the water additive from Tropiclean … helps reduce the nastiness of "little dog breath" that is sometimes unavoidable with small breeds.

Preparation: we take the 50/50 combo of Petcurean dog food kibble, mix in the 1/3 freeze dried patty by crumbling over the top of the kibble.  Then, we sprinkle the Joint Mobility on top.  This concoction is topped with some light sprinkles of water and then stirred around until Jericho can't hardly stand it anymore … then finally, he gets dinner!  In case you missed it earlier - here's a step-by-step guide (the "cliff notes" to feeding Jericho).  

So, there you have it ... the "secret" to all of Jericho's amazing health!  Thanks for reading ... go have a great day with your dog!



Dee-O-Gee Weight Loss Challenge 2012 Winner!

Posted on: May 11, 2012

And the winner is ... keep reading below!

We had a really great time with all of our Weight Loss Challenge contestants this year.  Often times, we walked away from interactions with the contestants feeling empowered and encouraged ourselves!  They did such a great job ... they took their dogs on hikes, fed them good food from Petcurean, utilized water treadmill sessions at 360 Pet Medical, explored supplement options to help their dogs feel better ... wow, they did a lot in 10 weeks!  Not to mention, our contestants lost some weight ... cumlatively, all contestants lost a total of 65.1 lbs over the 10 week challenge.  

Dee-O-Gee Weight Loss Challenge 2012 Winner!

Without further adu ... the winner of the 2012 Dee-O-Gee Weight Loss Challenge is ... CHARLIE the LAB!  Way to go Charlie!  

Charlie weighed in at 106 lbs at the start of our Weight Loss Challenge and lost 13.7 lbs (12.92% of body weight) over 10 weeks.  Charlie utilized the water treadmill at 360 Pet Medical heavily (2x/wk) and his owners really took great care of him throughout the process.  Congratulations, Charlie, you'll get FREE Petcurean Senior/Weight Management food for an entire year!  

Why do we really like this food?  Here's why: it is gently coated with natural digestive enzymes and utilizes only fresh, hormone free, deboned meats, coconut and vegetable oils, farm fresh fruits and vegetables, anti-oxidant rich berries, pre-biotics, pro-biotics and digestive enzymes.  Wow, that's a lot of great stuff!

A close runner to up to Charlie was Sophie Belle the Golden Retriever (one of our alternates to start the competition) whom lost 12.45% of her body weight.  

A big thanks to all of you who kept track of our Weight Loss Challenge (you can read past updates here).  Please give all of our contestants a big CONGRATS if you see them.  

And, a big thanks to our friends at 360 Pet Medical and Petcurean Pet Nutrition for partnering with us on this great event.  Stay tuned in the Spring of 2013 for our next Weight Loss Challenge.





A video from Natural Balance re: recent recall

Posted on: May 07, 2012

See video below from Joey Herrick, president of Natural Balance Pet Foods.  They have handled this voluntary recall (recall was no fault of their own) like a class act.  Way to go Natural Balance!

If you have further questions on details of this, please read our blog post from this past weekend: Pet Food Recall DOES NOT affect Dee-O-Gee pet foods.

Thanks for walking along with us as we make every attempt to take great care of out pets!

Pet Food Recall DOES NOT affect Dee-O-Gee foods

Posted on: May 05, 2012

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

We are writing on a Saturday because you may have recently heard about a substantial recall for some large brands of dog food.  Please note - THIS DOES NOT AFFECT ANY FOODS AT DEE-O-GEE!

The recall is because of a few reported cases of salmonella (see risks/signs of salmonella poisoning humans here and dogs here).  The salmonella recall is specific to these foods: Kirkland (Costco), Diamond, Diamond Naturals, Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul, and a few other lower quality foods that are produced at the Diamond Pet Foods plant in South Carolina.

There is also a voluntary recall of the following companies that use the same plant in South Carolina to manufacture their foods: Natural Balance (NB), Taste of the Wild (TOW), Canidae.  There was NO salmonella reported with these foods, their recall is 100% voluntary simply b/c they are manufactured at that same plant in South Carolina.  NB, TOW and Canidae use multiple facilities to manufacture their foods (1 east cost, 1 west coast). 

"All cards face up" - Dee-O-Gee does offer these foods and we will continue to do do.  The NB, TOW and Canidae that we carry are ALL made at a different plant in California.  See the map below for an example of Canidae's recall zones (purple = recall). 

Again - THIS DOES NOT AFFECT ANY FOODS AT DEE-O-GEE - please let us know if you have further questions.  We are happy to show you some other great options if you have any concerns with this recall. You can also read more about our great all-natural pet food options at Dee-O-Gee.

What do you think ... have you had any past experiences with pet food recalls?  Does this make you feel "squirmish" toward any of the foods listed above?  Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!


Pet Food Recall DOES NOT affect Dee-O-Gee foods

Weight Loss Challenge - Weigh-in #9

Posted on: May 04, 2012

Wow, has it really been 9 weeks of Dee-O-Gee Weight Loss Challenge ... yup!  All of our contestants are doing a remarkable job with their dogs (and, 1 cat).  We had one contestant not able to fulfill the requirements, so our alternate (Sophy Bell the Golden Retriever) has stepped up to join us.  With 1 week to go, the big lab Charlie is leading the way!  Can he hold his lead for the final week and win FREE PET FOOD for 1 year?  Read below to see the results from the Week #9 Weigh-in and stay tuned for the winner announcement coming soon!

Weight Loss Challenge - Weigh-in #9

As you can see, roughly 10% of body weight lost in 9 weeks is pretty impressive!  If you see any of our contestants around town, give them a "high paw" for us!

Also, don't forget to look into Bozeman's K9 9K coming May 19th ... a great way to get out and be active with your d-o-g!

Weight Loss Challenge Contestant Spotlight - Charlie the Lab

Posted on: May 04, 2012

Charlie's parents signed him up for the Dee-O-Gee Weight Loss Challenge so they could have more years together.  Charlie is our oldest competitor (10.5 years old) and was starting to see some health issues arise due his weight.  HIs activity levels had decreased significantly in the past year.  Charlies' Dad got Charlie as a puppy when he was 15 years old ... it's been a really good run together for the two of them.  Thankfully, it looks like Charlie will be around a lot longer because he is doing great! 

Charlie is currently the leader of the Weight Loss Challenge heading into the final week.  He's switched from the Costco Kirkland Weight Management food (which has corn in it, by the way ... that's bad for dogs) and is thriving on the Petcurean Now! Senior/Weight Management formula.  Also, Charlie has been doing 2x/week session in the water treadmill at 360 Pet Medical in Bozeman.

So, here's to Charlie (and, the rest of our contestants) for a successful final week of the Dee-O-Gee Weight Loss Challenge!

Weight Loss Challenge Contestant Spotlight - Charlie the Lab

Nutrition plan for Jericho, the Dee-O-Gee shop dog

Posted on: May 01, 2012

A really common question we get ... "What kind of food do you feed the Dee-O-Gee "shop dog", Jericho?  It's a really good question ... so, we'll answer it in the following.  Jericho (a 10 lb papillon rescue dog) has some interesting health concerns.  His specific nutrition plan is detailed below ... keep reading.

Nutrition plan for Jericho, the Dee-O-Gee shop dog

Is bathing your dog at home challenging?

Posted on: Apr 26, 2012

Do you dread giving your dog a bath? Is it a big soapy mess? Do you let your dog go without a bath for weeks because it is too much of a hassle?  Well, you're not alone - keep reading for a few tips.

Is bathing your dog at home challenging?

There are definitely some challenges to washing your dog at home.  If you're wondering whether or not your dog should be groomed, click here.

Large dogs can be more of a handful just because of their size. Dogs with thick coats are always more difficult to bathe because it's hard to clean through the fur, down to the skin. In some climates, it can be too cold to wash your dog outdoors during winter months - but for some dogs, the job is just too messy to be done indoors. Professional groomers are always a good option ... remember, we can do it for you if would rather.

If bathing your dog has become a challenge or if you want to try to save some money, we have a few tips for you.

1. Never wash your dog outside if the weather is cold. This is particularly true for puppies because they have trouble regulating their body temperatures. Puppies should be at least four weeks old before they receive their first bath.

2. Before bathing, comb and brush out all mats. Otherwise, the water will turn the mats into solid masses, which will require clippers to remove. If your dog's hair is matted with paint, tar or some other sticky material, trim with clippers or soak the area with vegetable or mineral oil for 24 hours. (You may want to speak with a professional groomer if the tangles are really difficult.)

3. Prep your dog. Put a drop of mineral oil in the eyes to protect them from suds. Some people use cotton balls in the ears. If you use cotton balls, make sure they're the right size for your dog's ears; if they're too small, they may slip down the ear canal.

4. Make sure you use a really good shampoo.  The cheaper, chemical-laden shampoos can severely dry and damage your dog's skin & coat.  At Dee-O-Gee, we really like Earthbath all-natural shampoos.  One of the reasons we use them at Dee-O-Gee is b/c these shampoos (in addition to keeping the dogs looking great) keep our groomers hand's from drying out and cracking.

Do you have any crazy "dog grooming at home" stories?  Please share in the comments below!

Weight Loss Challenge Contestant Spotlight - Bodhi the Aussie

Posted on: Apr 25, 2012

Bodhi entered the Weight Loss Challenge having not been under 100lbs in body weight for years!  That's a lot for an Australian Shepherd.  But, Bodhi has been working really hard (so have his "people") and he is now down to 99 lbs!  And, Bodhi is the very best contestant at sitting still on the scale during weigh-in smiley

Bodhi's "mom" suffered a heart attack a few months ago and at the start of the Weight Loss Challenge she was just finishing up her Cardiac rehab (way to go Bodhi's Mom!).  Since then, Bodhi was been her campanion to keep up the rehab for her heart ... and, it's been great for Bodhi's heart too.  Bodhi's Mom reports that Bohdi has more energy and is "more like himself".  Way to go Bodhi!  Thanks so much for being a part of our inaugural Weight Loss Challenge with Petcurean and 360 Pet Medical in Bozeman, Montana.

Weight Loss Challenge Contestant Spotlight - Bodhi the Aussie

A letter from the owners re: grooming at Dee-O-Gee

Posted on: Apr 21, 2012

Hello loyal Dee-O-Gee'er!

It is so sunny in Bozeman today!  Yeah for springtime!  We hope you were able to get outside with your dog and enjoy the outdoors.  With spring comes the busiest season of grooming for us at Dee-O-Gee.  

So, we are writing you today with an update on our Grooming staff.  As many of you already know, the "baby bug" has recently struck us at Dee-O-Gee! We currently have 1 groomer about to return from maternity leave, another on bed rest with about 2 months to go in her pregnancy and another about 1 month into a pregnancy.  We are so excited for all our wonderful staff as they expand their families!  Additionally, 1 of our groomers has moved away from Bozeman abruptly for family reasons.  So, as you (our smart loyal customer) can probably figure out, we are a bit short handed in our grooming department right now.  We are writing you with this message to ask for your patience. 

At Dee-O-Gee, we pride ourselves on being pretty picky with whom we hire in our grooming department (we wouldn't want just anyone taking care of your pet/family member) … but, please rest assured we are actively looking for the right person/s to join our grooming staff.  We plan to be deliberate and meticulous as we search for the newest member of our Dee-O-Gee team … as we do that, could you kindly give us a little grace in scheduling your next appointment? Please plan ahead to make sure your dog/cat has a scheduled appointment when they need it. 

Thanks so much for your business … it is greatly appreciated!


Josh & Holly (and, Jericho)

-owners, Dee-O-Gee

A letter from the owners re: grooming at Dee-O-Gee

Dog Food Calculator

On a different note, have you seen our "Dog Food Calculator"?  It's a tool we developed for you to analyze the cost of the dog food you are currently feeding vs the cost of feeding a high-quality natural food from Dee-O-Gee.  You can also use it to have discussions with those folks in your life that might not have as strong of feelings as you do about their pet's diet.  Give it a read here, we think you'll be really surprised!

Weight Loss Challenge Contestant Spotlight - Rocky Mountain Belle

Posted on: Apr 21, 2012

Rocky Mountain Belle is the Weight Loss Challenge competitor that is lowest to the ground!  Literally, her stomach was inches from the ground.   Since signing up for the Weight Loss Challenge, her distance from the ground has increased!  Her weight is slowing dropping and her parents are doing a really great job of working with her!

Thanks for being part of the Dee-O-Gee Weight Loss Challenge, Belle!

Weight Loss Challenge Contestant Spotlight - Rocky Mountain Belle

Were dogs among the Titanic passengers?

Posted on: Apr 20, 2012

The 100th anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic was April 15. Numerous movies, TV specials, books, articles and museum exhibits have been created to help people understand how an “unsinkable vessel” did, in fact, sink.  From the Titanic’s conception to its first and final journey, the ship’s story still captivates people a century later.  More than 1,500 passengers did not survive that doomed voyage, but did you know there were at least 12 dogs aboard the Titanic that fateful night?  Read more for details ... 

Were dogs among the Titanic passengers?

We found part of this post on ... thought you would enjoy!

- - - - - - - - - - - 

Of the 12 dogs abourd, 4 survived. The other nine were confined in kennels. Someone was kind enough to unlock the kennels as the ship was sinking and let them out. Some of the dog breeds aboard the ship included the French Bulldog, Pekinese, Chow, Pomeranian, Airedale and Great Dane. Ironically, a dog show onboard the ship was set for April 15.

Rigel, a black Newfoundland, belonged to the first officer who went down with the ship. According to the Belfast Telegram, The New York Herald reported on April 21, 1912 that Rigel had gone looking for his master, but as the ship sank he was forced to swim for more than three hours.  He didn’t find his master, but he did find a lifeboat full of survivors that was drifting toward the propellers of the Carpathia, the first ship to respond to the Titanic’s distress calls.  The passengers were too weak to cry for help, but not Rigel. His barking caught the attention of Captain Rostron, who immediately ordered the engines stopped. The lifeboat passengers and Rigel were saved!  Had Rigel not been swimming in front of that lifeboat, barking his head off, the people on it may have perished in a rather gruesome way.
Rigel was adopted by Jonas Briggs, a seaman aboard the Carpathia.

The dogs onboard the Titanic were housed in kennels on the F Deck, and walked daily on the Poop Deck (pun intended?) by a steward or bellboy, according  Only first-class passengers were allowed to have dogs. The three that survived were two Pomeranians and a Pekingese.
One Pom, named Lady, belonged to Margaret Hays and was carried onto the lifeboat in a blanket. The other Pom, whose name is unknown, belonged to the Rothschilds. The Pekingese, named Sun Yat-Sen, was brought on by the Harpers of the publishing firm, Harper & Row. It is thought they survived due to their size. Because they were small dogs, it was easy to sneak them onto the lifeboats.

One dog parent, Ann Elizabeth Isham, proved her love for her dog had no bounds when she refused to leave her Great Dane, according When it came time to evacuate the ship, Isham asked if her dog could come with her. When the crew denied her request because the dog was too big, she refused to leave without him. She promptly got out of the lifeboat, choosing to stay with her dog, no matter what the outcome.

A few days later, it was reported that a female body was found floating in the water, clutching a large dog.  While there is no proof as to whether this story of undying love is true, it is worth noting that these people, while facing death themselves, had genuine concern for the well-being of their dogs. Even if Isham’s story cannot be confirmed, those of us with dogs know it to be true in our hearts.

As always, thanks for reading!  DId you know you can subscribe to the dogblog ... click the little icon above on the right for instructions!


Dee-O-Gee Dog Food Calculator

Posted on: Apr 13, 2012

You know one of the things we really appreciate about a lot of our customers?  The fact that they are fiscally responsible and want the best "quality food" they can find for their pet at a reasonable cost.  Yes, we also appreciate the "I want the best for my pet & I don't care what it costs" too. smiley

But, the reality for most of us is that we reside in a place with a high cost of living (those of us in Bozeman or other high cost-of-living places) and the economy, while starting to slightly recover, is still not what it once was (and, still could be).  So, we need to be careful with our dollars, while still keeping our values in place (this includes supporting local businesses and taking care of our pets/family members well). 

So ... we've worked up a "Dog Food Calculator" (DFC) to help visualize some of the discussions we have every day with our wonderful customers.  Lately we've noticed a lot of customers mention that they try to talk to their neighbor/husband/parent/sibling/etc about changing dog foods because they are generally concerned about the long-term health of the pet involved.  Largely, that conversation usually turns to an economic discussion on some level.  Hopefully the DFC can help with this discussion as well. 

The DFC compares a common national brand (Iams) with 2 of our best price-to-value foods we offer at Dee-O-Gee (Fromm Classic & Canidae ALS).  Please keep reading for some specifics …

Dee-O-Gee Dog Food Calculator

A few things to note about the DFC …

  1. The main "take home" is the RED row … Price/day

  2. Protein % and fat % look similar in all 3 foods.  Why is that?  Well, you could put anything through an extruder (the machine that is universally used to make all of the ingredients into a kibble shape before it is cooked) and come up with a protein/fat percentage.  Did you know that you could combine sawdust and crude oil through an extruder and come up with something that contains around 20% protein?!?!

  3. Please look at the 1st 4 ingredients listed in order for each food.  While this is not a post about the health risks and intolerances of Corn Meal or the disgusting practices that involve the use of "by-product-meal" in pet food (and, the resulting life threatening conditions), please take note of the quality of ingredients … i.e. whole meats and grains vs ground grains and by-products.

  4. Corn - dogs to not process corn very well.  Their GI tracts are not able to break down corn (or, soy).  So, the corn acts as an "irritant" as it passes through the GI tract and ends up in your yard … note - bigger "poops" for you to clean up. angry

  5. The 3 foods listed in the DFC are for otherwise healthy dogs with no allergies or sensitivities or allergies.  We have a number of other options for grain- or gluten-intolerant dogs & cats at Dee-O-Gee that are not reflected in the DFC.  Usually grain-free or allergy formulas are higher in cost than the foods displayed here.

  6. The confusion between a "meat meal" and "by-product-meal".  The terms Chicken Meal, Turkey Meal, etc in the Dee-O-Gee foods are pure meat meals … think, dehydrated chicken … only the chicken meat, nothing else, with the water weight removed via dehydration.  The term "by-product-meal" stands for any and all parts "head to tail" or "beak to feathers" of the animal.  You could really gross yourself out by doing a basic web search on this.  We won't bore you with the details, but those large companies that rely on cheaper "by-product-meal" ingredients to appease their stockholders bottom line should have a hard time sleeping at night, in our humble opinion. smiley

So, "thar she is" … please use this a tool for discussions with your neighbors/husbands/friends.  And, if there are any questions, please email, call us (406-551-2364) or visit our website for more details on all the foods we stock at Dee-O-Gee.

Thanks for reading!  And, in case you couldn't tell ... we feel pretty strongly about this stuff ... your pet is important ... please share with your friends and family as you see fit.


Dee-O-Gee Weight Loss Challenge update 04/13/12

Posted on: Apr 13, 2012

Happy Friday the 13th to all of you suspicious folks out there!  Please read below for a progress update for all of the inaugural Dee-O-Gee Weight Loss Challenge contestants.  Everyone is doing a really great job of exercising, eating right, etc.  There are a few things that we have talked about that seem to be really helping some of our contestants so far (more on that below).

As always, a big thanks to Petcurean Pet Nutrition and 360 Pet Medical for helping us put on this Weight Loss Challenge.  Remember, the primary reason for doing this is to raise awareness around the growing trend of Pet Obesity and resulting complications.  And, the winner gets FREE PET FOOD FOR A YEAR!


Dee-O-Gee Weight Loss Challenge update 04/13/12

Here's a table of where the contestants are currently at (% of total body weight lost).  Some have lost a little … some have lost more … but, all seem to be working really hard!  We are 6 weeks in to our 10 week challenge.  There are a few dogs "leading the pack" but there's not a clear cut leader at this point … oh, the excitement of a competition!

Dog's Name (age - breed)

% of Body Weight Lost

Rudy (7.5 - Mini Poodle) 3.00%
Lexi (2 - Puggle) 2.30%
Bodhi (8 - Aussie) 6.54%
Rocky Mtn. Belle (7 - Dachshund) 1.19%
Stevie (7 - French Britney) N/A*
Sassy (6 - Golden Retriever) 4.67%
Cadie (8 - Aussie/Corgi) 7.50%
Charlie (10.5 - Yellow Lab) 10.66%
Bear (6 - Lab Mix) 8.49%
Esme (9 - Cat) 7.73%
Sophie Bell (4 - Golden Retriever) 9.40%







* Stevie missed our most recent weigh-in


A few things that we have focused on so far that have been really beneficial:

  1. Probiotics - does your dog always seem hungry … even after eating?  Did you know that probiotics (beneficial digestive enzymes that helps dogs break down their food) can actually help your dog feel full?  Wow!  We have some great probiotic products at Dee-O-Gee that a few of our contestants are really utilizing.

  2. Dog Parks in the area - there's lots of dog parks around Bozeman!  Is there dog parks where you live?  We are really surprised at how well our contestants (and, their "people") are using our numerous dog parks.  For a full list of dog parks in the area, you can request one here.

So, there's your update!  All of our contestants seem to be working really hard at this ... please give these dogs and their "people" some encouragement if you see them around the Gallatin Valley.  You can see all of our past posts on the Weight Loss Challenge and some "spotlights" on the contestants here.

Also, all of our registrants receive complimentary admission into the K9 9K race in Bozeman on May 19th!.  If you haven't heard about it, you should check it out.  It's a great way to be active with your d-o-g ... it could really kick start a summer full of being outside!

What do you think ... do you plan to be active outside with your dog this spring/summer?


Inaugural “Scoop the Poop” event!

Posted on: Apr 11, 2012

Please help spread the word on this important volunteer opportunity ... thanks!

- - - - - - - - 

“Help Us Scoop the Poop” - Bozeman’s Least Appealing Volunteer Event

When: Saturday, April 14th – Starting at 8:30am (Provided Ground Is Snow-Free)

Where: Burke Park (Peet’s Hill) – Meet In Church Ave. Parking Lot

What: Help Us Scoop the Poop & Eliminate Dog Waste

Duration: 2-3 hours

Why: Run Dog Run is dedicated to improving off-leash access for Bozeman dogs and their owners. Keeping off-leash areas such as Burke Park clean will help us to lobby for increased off-leash parks in other parts of town.

Incentive: The First 30 Volunteers Receive a Free “Run Dog Run” T-Shirt

Show Up Ready To Scoop Poop – Tools Provided


Call Terry Cunningham 587-9180 With Questions

Run Dog Run, Inc. is a Montana 501c3 organization.

Inaugural “Scoop the Poop” event!

Diamond Dog Food Recall - Diamond Naturals Lamb Meal & Rice

Posted on: Apr 09, 2012

Diamond Naturals Lamb Meal & Rice is recalled due to salmonella poisoning risk!  If you feed your dog this food, please stop! Discard it, get your money back from whomever sold it to you and come get some good stuff from Dee-O-Gee!  Keep going to find the original post from the Diamond website.  

If you friend's feed this dog food, please tell them too!  You can use the little Facebook or Twitter "share" feature on the Top Right of this post.  Thanks for spreading the word about good pet nutrition!


Diamond Dog Food Recall - Diamond Naturals Lamb Meal & Rice

The following is a press release issued today by Diamond Pet Foods, regarding a voluntary recall of some of their Lamb and Rice dry dog food due to possible concerns over salmonella contamination.  While this recall is mainly in the East and Southeast US, for now, please be careful!

Diamond Pet Foods is voluntarily recalling Diamond Naturals Lamb Meal & Rice. This is being done as a precautionary measure, as the product has the potential to be contaminated with salmonella. No illnesses have been reported and no other Diamond manufactured products are affected. 
Individuals handling dry pet food can become infected with salmonella, especially if they have not thoroughly washed their hands after having contact with surfaces exposed to this product. Healthy people infected with salmonella should monitor themselves for some or all of the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramping and fever. Rarely, salmonella can result in more serious ailments including arterial infections, endocarditis, arthritis, muscle pain, eye irritation and urinary tract symptoms. Consumers exhibiting these signs after having contact with this product should contact their healthcare providers.
Pets with salmonella infections may have decreased appetite, fever and abdominal pain. If left untreated, pets may be lethargic and have diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, fever and vomiting. Infected but otherwise healthy pets can be carriers and infect other animals or humans. If your pet has consumed the recalled product and has these symptoms, please contact your veterinarian.
The product, Diamond Naturals Lamb Meal & Rice, was distributed to customers located in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Virginia, who may have further distributed the product to other states, through pet food channels.

Product Name                                  Bag Size         Production Code & “Best Before” Code
Diamond Naturals Lamb & Rice       6lb                     DLR0101D3XALW Best Before 04 Jan 2013
Diamond Naturals Lamb & Rice       20lb                   DLR0101C31XAG Best Before 03 Jan 2013
Diamond Naturals Lamb & Rice       40lb                   DLR0101C31XMF Best Before 03 Jan 2013
Diamond Naturals Lamb & Rice       40lb                   DLR0101C31XAG Best Before 03 Jan 2013
Diamond Naturals Lamb & Rice       40lb                   DLR0101D32XMS Best Before 04 Jan 2013

Consumers who have purchased the Diamond Naturals Lamb & Rice with the specific production and “Best Before” codes should discontinue feeding the product and discard it.   See for more information.

Weight Loss Challenge Contestant Spotlight - Lexi

Posted on: Apr 05, 2012

Lexi is off to a really great start in the Dee-O-Gee Weight Loss Challenge.  Initially, from a visual first impression, Lexi doesn't appear to have as much weight to lose, with respect to some of the other bigger dogs.  But, when compared to her breed/s standards (Lexi is a puggle), she had some weight to lose. At this point, Lexi and "her person" (Tami) are doing a wonderful job … exercising, eating appropriate amounts of weight management food (a big thanks to Petcurean for helping with this Challenge) and considering supplementation options.  Lexi is currently on her first round of Joint Mobility.  A big part of this supplement is the Probiotics, which aid in digestion and help Lexie "feel full" so she's not so hungry!  In addition, Joint Mobility also has multi-vitamin, joint support and energy enhancement properties.  Lexi's "siblings" are also doing really great on Joint Mobility!

Lexie and Tami's lives intersected on Valentine's Day of 2010.  Tami found Lexi in Iowa via a pet adoption site, flew out to get her and the "rest is history".  

A big thanks to Tami and Lexi for their enthusiastic efforts on the Weight Loss Challenge thus far!



Weight Loss Challenge Contestant Spotlight - Lexi

Uncommon Bond - a donkey & a goose?!?

Posted on: Apr 02, 2012

Check out this great video produced by the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.  It tells the story of a male goose and a female donkey that have become friends.  They live on a farm in Bozeman, MT (home of Dee-O-Gee).  What do you think ... does your dog have any unique friends like this?


April 2012 Dogblog Giveaway - Montana Beerfest VIP Tickets (2) & MORE! (over $100 value!)

Posted on: Mar 31, 2012

We're getting a little crazy this April ... it's springtime and we've got a 'lil "pep in our step" ... so, this month's dogblog giveaway is full of spring-time-ness!  It's approaching "burgers and beer" time of year ... can you smell it in the air?  The April dogblog giveaway will hopefully add to that a bit.

Here's what you could win:

~ 2 VIP tickets to the Montana Beerfest on April 13th in Bozeman, MT (  What does VIP tickets get you?  Good question.  VIP Tickets get you into the event two (2) hours early to avoid the crowds and talk to the brewers.  Ticket also includes appetizers and an official Montana Beer Festival T-Shirt.  Event held at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds in Bozeman. $100 value.

~ 2 Bowser beers (for your d-o-g) from 3 Busy Dogs.  Bowser Beer is a non-alcoholic, non-carbonated beer for dogs. All ingredients are healthy and made from scratch. Malt barley for shiney coats and glucosamine for joint health. Packaged in 12 oz. plastic recyclable bottles with re-sealable caps.  $7.98 value.

~ 1 package of RAW frozen dog food from Nature's Variety.  You can use this stuff as a 100% sustaining food by itself, or you can top your dog's kibble with it, just to keep them interested! $15.99 value.

Keep reading to find out how you can enter ... total value of all this goodness is $123.97!

April 2012 Dogblog Giveaway - Montana Beerfest VIP Tickets (2) & MORE! (over $100 value!)

Like we said ... this prize is sweet, so you have to do a little work ... well worth it, in our opinion.  The Montana Beerfest is chalk full of great beer from great breweries across Montana and the mountain west.  It's a great event!

And, we also said we are feeling a bit "springy" ... so, here's the deal (step by step) ...

1) Take a unique picture of your dog doing something uniquely "springy"

2) Post it on our Dee-O-Gee Facebook page (hint, you must also be a "liker" of Dee-O-Gee to qualify)

3) Tell your friends to "like" your picture

That's it, 3 easy steps.  The picture with the most likes 1 week from today (Tuesday, April 10th) at 10:00pm MST will de declared the winner!

See how we've removed ourselves from the judging this month ... it's all on you!  So, go for it ... take dog pictures, post dog pictures, "like" dog pictures, win Beerfest tickets ... good luck!

Dee-O-Gee ... where every day is a dog day!

Nice outdoor dog bed, nope!

Posted on: Mar 26, 2012

This past weekend, Jericho* was helping with some yard work (see, sleeping on the job!) and this is what we witnessed ... a nice, fancy, cushiony outdoor travel dog bed from Ruffwear was positioned nicely in the sun for Jericho (with accompanying bully stick in foreground).  Where does Jericho choose to lay ... on the old discarded "Huffing for Stuffing" shirt on the concrete of course!  

Have you experienced this with your d-o-g?

Happy spring time!


*yes, Jericho was wearing a sweater ... he recently received a spring hair cut from Dee-O-Gee and he has shivering ... wimpcool

Nice outdoor dog bed, nope!

Weight Loss Challenge Contestant Spotlight - Sassy

Posted on: Mar 26, 2012

Sassy is a Golden Retriever through and through ... a gentle spirit and smiling face are evident right away the first time you meet Sassy.  Walt & Rosemay (Sassy's "people") exhibit similar characteristics.  Sassy found Walt & Rosemary right away in her life (a next door neighbor gave Sassy to them when she was a puppy).  Walt & Rosemary seem like the perfect fit for Sassy ... all 3 of them are full of smiles and "nice-ness".  

Sassy has done a great job on the Weight Loss Challenge so far.  She was previously eating weight loss formula from Iams and struggled to maintain her weight.  Now, on the Senior/Weight Management formula from Petcurean, Sassy has lost over 3 lbs in the first 2 weeks and is really loving her dog food ... looking forward to each meal!

If you see Sassy (or, Walt & Rosemary) around Bozeman - please offer up a "high-paw" of encouragement.  Way to go Sassy!


Weight Loss Challenge Contestant Spotlight - Sassy

Should You Be Cautious of Dog Parks?

Posted on: Mar 21, 2012

Dog parks have become increasingly popular because dog lovers like to give their dogs a good place to play and an opportunity to socialize with other dogs (and other owners). Dog parks give dogs without big yards (or, dogs that are traveling with their owners) a chance to really stretch their legs and run, and let out all that pent up energy. For their owners, it can be a great way to get out of the house and meet other dog lovers.  As you may know, exercise is very important to dogs. For that reason, we at Dee-O-Gee are all for dog parks. In Bozeman, MT (home of Dee-O-Gee) there are lots of outside dog parks areas to utilize ... some "official" and fenced, some not.  It's one of the reasons we love this place!

But, life in dog parks is not "all roses" ... there are dangers of dog parks you need to know about. Keep reading (click to read full blog post) to find out some common dangers at dog parks.

Should You Be Cautious of Dog Parks?


Dog bites: Not all dogs are "nice" and play well with others. Dog bites and attacks can happen. Just as not everyone likes every other person – even dogs with no history of aggression can bite and be bitten. It is not a bad idea to carry a first aid kit in your car for your dog. 

Worms: Dogs that have worms can shed their worms into the environment by having a bowel movement in the park. These worms can live in the grass and on the ground for days. When your dog innocently eats a blade of grass or later licks his fur or feet that have walked through the infestation – BOOM! – your dog can also have worms.

Parasites: Fleas, ticks can live on dogs, fall into the grass or environment of the dog park and jump on your dog. If you take your dog to the dog park – a year-round flea control medication is recommended. For information on a great natural Flea & Tick repellant, click here.

Parvovirus: This is a very infectious and dangerous disease of puppies. Most often unvaccinated puppies are vulnerable. A dog infected with "Parvo" can go to the park, have a bowel movement and this virus can live for months or years in the ground. Again – when your unvaccinated dog or cute new puppy goes to the park, he can pick it up by eating grass or by playing with a ball in the grass. To protect your dog, ensure that he has a full series of puppy vaccines (every 3 to 4 weeks from age 6 weeks to 16 weeks) and routine vaccines as an adult.

Kennel cough: Kennel cough is also known as Infectious Tracheobronchitis. It is called "kennel cough" because it is very contagious and has been associated with areas where there are a lot of dogs in a confined space. It is spread through the air. For most dogs, the signs are that of an annoying cold – with the primary sign being a bad cough. However, some dogs can develop a bacterial infection that can lead to pneumonia. There is a vaccine for kennel cough and if you routinely take your dog to the park this may be a good idea. Please discuss with your veterinarian.

These are the most common contagious problems that dogs can get from other dogs. These are not only possibilities at the dog park but also on any walk where there is interaction with other dogs or where other dogs have been.

As always, thanks for reading!


Weight Loss Challenge Contestant Spotlight - Rudy

Posted on: Mar 20, 2012

Weight Loss Challenge Contestant Spotlight: Rudy,  a 7.5 year old mini-poodle.

Rudy is newly enriching the lives of her "people", Rod & Nora.  They (Rod & Nora) have had Rudy since this past January.  Rudy's previous people did not feel like they could take care of her anymore ... so, Rod & Nora graciously offered to.  And boy are they glad they did!  Rudy is such a joyful addition to their "tribe" ...  Rod & Nora also have 2 other mini-poodles!  

Rudy was previously on a Science Diet dog food formula that she did not care for.  As part of the Weight Loss Challenge, Rudy has transitioned nicely to the Now! Weight Management formula from Petcurean (she really looks forward to each meal now!) and she lost 1 lb during the first week (pretty good for a small dog!).  

If you see Rudy around Bozeman, please give her a big "good job!" ... we are so happy to have Rudy as part of our Weight Loss Challenge for 2012.  Stay tuned for spotlights on other Weight Loss Challenge contestants in the coming weeks.  

Weight Loss Challenge Contestant Spotlight - Rudy

March 2012 Dogblog giveaway Winner!

Posted on: Mar 19, 2012

Congrats to Holley Vennes for her winning caption of: 

"Gulp... Honestly, I have not been near your dog food dish..." 

for the picture over there on the Left of the cute little girl and the big St. Bernard.  Holley wins a FREE Dee-O-Gee Pint Glass and  $5 off coupon on Fromm Gold dog food.  Congrats Holley!  You can stop by Dee-O-Gee any time and pick up your pint glass.

Again, a big thanks to loneman photography for that great photograph for our March giveaway!  Stay tuned in April for more FREE stuff from the dogblog.

You can read some of the other entrants captions by looking in the comments section of the orignal post: here


March 2012 Dogblog giveaway Winner!

March 2012 Dogblog giveaway - win a Dee-O-Gee Pint Glass!

Posted on: Mar 15, 2012

Spring is a comin' and we are feeling a bit antsy ... so, we're changing up the "trivia" part of our monthly dogblog giveaway.  This month, we are featuring a "photo caption contest" instead.  What can you win?  The most creative caption to the picture below will win a $5 off coupon for Fromm Gold Dog food AND a Free Dee-O-Gee pint glass!  Keep reading to see the image for the caption contest and the "fineprint".


March 2012 Dogblog giveaway - win a Dee-O-Gee Pint Glass!

Here's the deal -
















A big thanks for Doug Loneman at loneman photography in Bozeman, MT for use of this image.  If you haven't checked out some of Doug's work, you really should ... he takes good photographs of humans too wink

*Fine Print - this is a totally subjective judegment done by Dee-O-Gee staff.  We are sure there will be lots of fun entries and it will be hard to pick one.  So, no hard feelings ... ok?  Let's have some fun with this one!


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