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Ready to change your life?

Love your day-to-day. Work hard. Live well. Play with your dog (at 'work'). Own your own business. Impact your community. Do it, with Dee-O-Gee.


We've established ourselves as the 'go to' pet supply spot with all of our locations. 


Emerging Leader

Dee-O-Gee is an award-winning emerging leader in the independent pet industry. The Pet Industry is a $70+ Billion annual business in America. You can be part of this rapidly growing industry, utilizing our proven successful model.


We've been there. 

We have opened multiple stores and we understand the leap to small business ownership is a big step. We want to help you learn as much about owning a Dee-O-Gee pet as possible. It's scary to consider a new business venture - let us help you through it!


In search of ... 

... like minded partners. We are currently looking for franchise partners to extend our unique services and products in the Rocky Mountain West, Upper Mid-west and Pacific Northwest areas of the United States.

How do Dee-O-Gee locations compare to the rest of the pet industry?


Data based on 2018 World Pet Association annual report. 


Do you have what it takes to partner with our fun-loving, hard working, creative & successful "pack"?


Ideal Candidate/s

- A Passion for Pets and People
- Pet Industry or Retail Experience Preferred
- Business Ownership & Employee Management Experience Preferred
- Commitment to being involved with your
business in your community


Fees & Start-up Costs

Franchise Fee: $25,000 per location
Royalty Fee: 4 % of Gross Sales
Marketing: .5 % of Gross Sales
Total Investment: Approximately $250 – $550k


Financial Requirements

 - Liquid Assets Over $250,000
 - Total Net Worth Over $500,000
 - Aditional $50,000 to $100,000 working capital is strongly recommended.

Standing out from the crowd. 

Dee-O-Gee is different (and, better) than other options you might consider. Here's some of the reasons why. Need more info, contact us


Your own custom-built website

You will receive your own, custom built website, speific to your Dee-O-Gee location. Including online shopping for local delivery, blog,  online scheduling for grooming and portal to check rewards points.


Frequent Barker's Club

Custom built in-store rewards program keeps your customers loyal and encouerages repeat shopping trips, no matter which Dee-O-Gee location is their favorite. Custom built iOS and Android Dee-O-Gee app integrates with rewards program.


Supply Chain

By joining the Dee-O-Gee brand family, you'll instantly leverage significant purchasing power from multiple national suppliers. This will enable you to 'hit the ground running' with Dee-O-Gee, in terms of profit margin and business viability.

How our franchisees are different. 

And, how they make money. At the end of the day, the business still needs to generate revenue. We just have fun doing it! Here's how. 

Pet Services

Dog daycare, professional dog grooming, DIY dog wash.

Online ordering & Local Delivery

Don't worry about your customers shoppling online with a competitor, because they can order direct from your own custom-built Dee-O-Gee website!


Experiential Retail 

Fun, bright, engaging. Our customers LOVE coming into our stores. Brick & Mortar Retail is NOT dieing at Dee-O-Gee, where you'lff find educated staff and happy custotmers. 

Reinforced Revenue Streams

Our award-winning "products & services" model reinforce each other - creating very loyal customers and a local 'hub' of pet lovers for your town. 

Is today your day?

Fill out the application to be a Dee-O-Gee partner and we'll be in touch with next steps. But, only do it if you're ready to ... 

1) make a difference in your town
2) be your own boss
3) create a local 'hub' of dog & cat lovers
4) LOVE your day-to-day

Bark at us!

Not quite ready to submit the full franchise application? Other questions? We'd love to hear from you! Drop us a line and we'll get back to you.

Note: this form is for Dee-O-Gee Inc. questions only! If you have specific questsions for a location in Billings, Bozeman, Missoula or Kalispell. Please find their contact info on the Locations Page.