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About Us

A local hub of pet lovers, educated & empowered to help their pets thrive. 

Furry kids at work
Franchise System
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The Beginning

Dee-O-Gee was established in 2008 in Bozeman, MT by Josh and Holly Allen as a locally owned and operated pet supply and services "natural pet store". Front entrance of the original Dee-O-Gee (with Josh, Holly and their boys and Jericho) is shown in this photo.

Here to serve

At Dee-O-Gee, Holly brings her previous veterinary technician experience and abounding pet nutrition knowledge to work with her every day. Collectively, Josh & Holly and their team represent 25+ years of pet industry experience. 

BEST local pet supply & service experience

Resultantly, you can expect your local Dee-O-Gee staff to give you and your favorite four-legged friend the best grooming, nutrition, dog daycare and fashion experience around.

Furry Kids at Work

Because ... why wouldn't they be?


One of the unique things about being in the pet industry is having our furry kids at work with us each day.


Not only is Dee-O-Gee an “all-natural” dog & cat store full of recycled toys and holistic food, but the owner’s Papillon named Jericho is “recycled” as well. Jericho is a rescue dog with lots of health problems. Finding holistic solutions to help Jericho live and thrive is part of why Dee-O-Gee exists today.  


You'll experience some furry kids 'at work' at each Dee-O-Gee location ... shop dogs, grooming clients, day camp dogs. We love those canines (and, felines too!) and we get to hang out with them each day. 




Your own Dee-O-Gee

The most recent addition to the “Dee-O-Gee pack” is our franchise plan.

We are currently in the golden age of the Pet Industry, as all of us increasingly treat our furry kids like humans … as we should!

With the Dee-O-Gee business system, we can help you “mark your own turf” in your town and start your own business. Are YOU ready to get started in the thriving pet industry? We can help!

Act now.


Helping Pets Thrive 

We are here to help your dogs and cats thrive ... through nutrition, holistic supplements and top-notch services. That's why Dee-O-Gee exists.

Many of the common “ailments” pets experience — dry skin, dull coats, allergies (itching and licking), gassy stomachs — are related to substandard food and inconsistent formulas. As a main focus in our business from the start, Dee-O-Gee has offered a range of reasonably priced, high-quality dog & cat foods with a variety of formula options – as well as a large selection of natural supplements.


Proud member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition

As a member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC), we are committed to implementing sustainable business practices that minimize our impact on the environment and the communities where we do business. We believe sustainability is a critical component of any successful business strategy and are proud to say that we are taking steps towards a more sustainable future for our franchise locations, their customers and the pets they love.

PSC is a collaborative nonprofit that provides tools, educational resources and implementation support to drive environmental and social impact.


Team Dee-O-Gee





Bark at us

Have questions about Dee-O-Gee? Reach out and one of our team members will be in touch. Don't worry, we'll keep the intern off of the computers!